How to Change the Login Email Address for Windows 10 Microsoft Accounts

Ben Stegner 17-10-2016

While older versions of Windows only used a local PC account for signing in, modern editions allow you to sign in with a Microsoft account. This comes with pros (like the ability to sync settings across devices) and cons (privacy concerns) The Pros and Cons of Using a Microsoft Account with Windows A single Microsoft Account allows you to log into a wide range of Microsoft services and apps. We show you the pros and cons of using a Microsoft Account with Windows. Read More . Once you’ve started using your Microsoft account email to log into your PC, though, you might want to change it down the road.


Thankfully, it’s not too difficult to change the email address on your primary Microsoft account.

Start by visiting the Microsoft account site and log in if needed. Choose Your Info along the top bar and select the Manage how you sign in to Microsoft choice. You may need to enter your password again to access this menu.

Now, you can review your current primary email address, as well as any alias accounts. An alias account is simply a separate email account that can be used to sign into your Microsoft account in addition to the primary one. If you don’t have any alias addresses to replace your primary with, choose Add email to create a new one.

You’ll be prompted to either create an all-new email address ( or use an email address from another provider, like Yahoo or Google. Go ahead and make a new account or set up your other email address as needed, then return to the Manage how you sign in page.

You should see Make primary next to each alias address, and can click this to make that your primary Microsoft account email. The only restriction here is that an alias address cannot already be associated with another Microsoft account 5 Security Tips to Consider When Using a Microsoft Account You can't use much of the new Windows 8 user interface without a Microsoft account. The account you for logging into into your computer is now an online account. This raises security concerns. Read More .


Don’t want a Microsoft account at all? Learn how to convert yours to a local login on Windows 10 How to Delete Your Microsoft Account & Create a Local Windows 10 Login Have privacy concerns about using a Microsoft Account in the cloud? Here's how to create a local Windows 10 login account instead. Read More .

Have you enjoyed the benefits of using a Microsoft account in Windows 10? Let us know if you’re glad to be able to switch your account address below!

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