How to Change Your Gamertag Without Touching Your Xbox
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Your Xbox Live gamertag is a representation of yourself to other players online, but like your first email address, you might be embarrassed of it and wish you could change it. After all, the Xbox 360 launched over ten years ago, so you may have been in a different stage of life when you created your username.

Changing your gamertag has always been an option, but now you can change it directly from your Windows 10 computer without even booting up your Xbox, reflecting the idea that Windows 10 is for gamers. To do so, first open the Xbox app from the Start menu.

If you already removed it as pre-installed bloatware, you can redownload the app for free from the Microsoft Store.

Once the app is open, click your profile image at the top-left of the screen. Underneath the big version of your profile picture, click Customize. Under your current gamertag, you’ll see an option to Change gamertag.

Once you get here, it’s important to note that you can only change your gamertag once per account for free. After that, each change will cost you $10.

While this is irritating — since Steam lets you change your username whenever you want (yet PlayStation doesn’t allow you to change your name at all) — you shouldn’t need to change your username more then once, so the $10 isn’t awful. Hopefully, you didn’t already use up the freebie years ago.

If you aren’t eligible for the free change, you’ll be taken to where you can pick a name name and then pay for the change.

Don’t have an Xbox One yet? We’ve reviewed the new Xbox One Elite Bundle. Let us know if this tip was helpful for you!

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