How to Change the Default Music Player for Google Assistant
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Google Assistant is Android’s voice companion, and it’s arguably the best around. It lets you change settings on your phone, look up information, and send messages—all with just your voice. And with Google Assistant available to more phones than ever, it’s wise to maximize your efficiency with it.

As you probably know, Assistant can play all sorts of music for you. But if you don’t connect the accounts you want to use, this ability is severely limited. Here’s how to connect your preferred music service and set it as the default.

How to Change the Default Music Player for Google Assistant

  1. Press and hold the Home button to open Google Assistant.
  2. Tab the blue drawer icon to open the Assistant menu.
  3. Select the three-dot menu in the upper-right and choose Settings.
  4. Choose Music under the Services header.
  5. Here, you’ll see a list of compatible music services. Tap the one you’d like to set as the default.
  6. If your preferred service is under the More music services section, tap it and follow the instructions to link it to your Google account.

How to Change the Default Music Player for Google Assistant Google Assistant Default Music Service

Now, when you say “OK Google, play some pop music,” it will use your preferred service. You’ll save a few seconds by not having to say on Spotify every time. Plus, if you don’t link your accounts here, Google Assistant can’t use your playlists or Pandora stations. If you ever want to use another temporarily, say “OK Google, play a rock station on Pandora.”

This only affects music played by asking Google Assistant. It’s especially worth a look if you use Android Auto to play music in the car so you can get to your favorite music faster. For more, check out additional tricks that Google Assistant can do.

Which music service is your favorite? Do you often have Google Assistant start some music for you or do you prefer another method? Tell us in the comments!

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