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Reflect, Refract, And Be Puzzled: Lazors For Android Reviewed

Skye Hudson 29-11-2013

While RPG games for Android 3 Android RPG Games That Rock Mobile gaming is known for puzzle games and casual games, but what about the other genres? Games like Angry Birds and World of Goo took the world by storm when they first came out and... Read More can be incredibly fun, sometimes the best games are just simple puzzles games that you can pick up for a couple minutes in your free time. Lazors, available for both Android and iOS, is a delightful combination of pick-up-and-play simplicity, along with a surprisingly difficult array of challenges. It’s on our list of Best Android Games for a reason, after all.



Getting started is incredibly easy. Blocks start out on each level placed randomly, and to move them all you do is drag one to one of the empty squares on the screen. There will be one or more points on the map where a laser is shooting out from and one or more grey circles that you’ll want to get the lasers to pass through. If you can rearrange the blocks to deflect the lasers in the correct pattern so that they pass through every grey circle, you win!


While the levels start out easy enough, they quickly become complicated and will take a while to work through. If you ever get stuck, you have a few hints at your disposal. Using a hint will automatically put one of the blocks in the correct place and cause it to glow yellow. You’ll still have a bit to figure out, depending on many many total blocks there are, but it’s still helpful enough to get you past any levels you may get stuck on.


There are a range of different blocks that come into play: regular blocks that deflect everything, glass blocks that split the incoming beam, so it is both deflected and passes through, diamond blocks that divert the light to the side, black blocks that absorb the laser, and more. The harder puzzles will definitely having you scratching your head from time to time, but I would say there are more frustrating games 7 Video Games So Hard They Will Make You Want To Throw Your Controller One of the major staples of old school video games is the incredible difficulty. I've talked about the level of challenge in older games before in an article about the things I miss most from... Read More out there.


Sound And Visuals

Visually, Lazors looks much like an iOS 6-styled app. The buttons lining the top of the main screen and the buttons along the top and bottom of the in-game screen look like they belong on the iPhone of someone who has refused to upgrade to iOS 7. That doesn’t mean it’s bad; it’s certainly a simple and a practical user interface that has pleased lots of people for a long time. But it does seem as if the Android version was just ported from the iOS version.


As far as sound goes, there isn’t any music that plays in the background, but you do get cute little noises that bleep and bloop when moving the blocks around. It’s nothing to get really excited about, but it is a nice little touch that works well with the game.

Game Life And Value

Unlike endless running games 7 Endless Running And Jumping Games You Need On Your Device [iOS] Two of the more popular gaming genres on iOS are the endless runner and endless jumper game types. In these games, you are tasked with moving either forward or up through a level and attempt... Read More , a puzzle game like this is finite. Once you beat the levels, you’re done. However, Lazors has 200 levels, 20 sets of 10 levels each, and that should be enough to keep you going for a while. For the amount of money you’re paying, which is nothing because it’s free, it has wonderful value.



Without ads present in the game, the developers make their money from the in-app purchase of hints. 20 hints go for $.99 and can be purchased by pressing the plus sign at the bottom of the game. Since you unlock a few hints after each set, you could theoretically get through all the levels for free, but the in-app purchases are there if you need them.

For a free game with no ads, Lazors offers some great value.


Lazors is free, fun, and challenging. If you’re willing to waste a bit of time puzzling over some of the harder levels, you’ll really enjoy this game. There is also an unofficial guide app available for Android if you’re really stuck.


Available on Android and iOS.

What do you think of Lazors? Think there’s a better free puzzle game out there?

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