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The Catchiest Songs On YouTube You’ll Try Desperately To Forget [Weird & Wonderful Web]

Dave Parrack 23-02-2014

All sorts of videos have the capacity to go viral, including ad campaigns 10 Of The Best Viral Video Ad Campaigns Read More and extremely amateurish efforts 10+ of the Best Amateur Viral Videos on YouTube Read More . These are all great, but the viral videos that resonate for a long time after you first see them tend to involve a song. A catchy song. One that will worm its way into your ear and remain lodged in your head for years to come.

What follows are the catchiest songs ever uploaded to YouTube. Some are old, and it may be that you’ve heard them all before, perhaps many times. But your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to listen to them all once more and decide which is the catchiest of them all.

NB: Some of the songs are extremely NSFW, and have been marked as such and moved to the bottom of the list so that those people with a sensitive disposition can leave them well alone. If you choose to watch these NSFW videos then please don’t complain about being offended.

Nyan Cat!

This is Nyan Cat, an Internet phenomenon that was everywhere in 2011, including your progress bars Add Nyan Cat To Your Progress Bars, Because It's Awesome Is your Windows progress bar stupid, green and boring? Make it 5011% more awesome: add the infamous Nyan cat to it, complete with the trademark music and rainbow. It's just a simple download away. There... Read More . The song accompanying Nyan Cat on his/her journey through space is a remix of a Japanese pop song titled Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya!, and it’s so insanely catchy you’ll wish we hadn’t reminded you of it.


The viral video that became known as Trololo is actually a live performance of the Russian song I am Glad, ‘cause I’m Finally Returning Back Home, sung by Eduard Khil. It may not contain any lyrics, instead consisting of nothing but odd sounds, but it’s a strangely addictive song that you’ll randomly find yourself humming.

Bed Intruder Song

When Antoine Dodson ranted on the news about the attempted rape of his sister he cannot have foreseen what would happen next. Which was his words being auto-tuned by The Gregory Brothers into the Bed Intruder Song, a viral hit with memorable lyrics.

Keyboard Cat

Keyboard Cat, real name Fatso, was filmed on VHS in 1984 playing a song on a keyboard. The video footage has now become a meme, used at the end of any failures, hence the term, “Play him off, Keyboard Cat.” This is the original, and it’s a very catchy tune.

Chocolate Rain

Tay Zonday, who was a grad student at the time he recorded Chocolate Rain, has an extremely deep singing voice. Couple that with some really rather bizarre lyrics and you have a viral video that you cannot take your eyes off. You want to, but you can’t, much to the annoyance of your ears.


There isn’t much to say about Friday by Rebecca Black that hasn’t already been said a thousand times previously. Black made our list of the worst singers discovered on YouTube Silence Is Golden: The 5 Worst Singers Found On YouTube YouTube is truly one of the tent-poles of the Internet, being one of the few websites known and loved by all. And with good reason. It's the home to millions of video clips covering all... Read More , but there’s no denying that Friday itself is a very catchy song with a chorus to die for, despite its obvious simplicity.

Amazing Horse [NSFW]

There is no point analyzing Amazing Horse, because it’s complete and utter nonsense. It is, however, also rather brilliant. The whole thing was made by Internet sensation Weebl, and it consists of a silly little song accompanied with a short Flash animation. Both of which will stick in your head for a good while.

What What (In The Butt) [NSFW]

This is What What (In The Butt), a song by Samwell that went viral when the music video was uploaded to YouTube. Those of you who can’t figure out what the song is about must have lived very sheltered lives. The rest of us will be sneakily sniggering while singing the oh-so-catchy chorus.

Jizz In My Pants [NSFW]

The title of Jizz In My Pants says all you really need to know about this song by The Lonely Island. Featuring the comic talents of Andy Samberg, Jorma Taccone and Akiva Schaffer, it deals with the sensitive issue of premature ejaculation in a not-at-all sensitive manner. You will be singing the chorus weeks from now, even when it’s completely inappropriate to do so.

Very Super Famous [NSFW]

Last but not least is Very Super Famous by Jon Lajoie, a Canadian comedian made famous by the Internet. He’s the ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic of the YouTube generation, and his lyrics are guaranteed to make you cringe. The choruses, however, will keep you watching and listening, with this being his catchiest so far.

The Catchiest Of Catchy Songs Is…

All 10 of these viral videos include extremely catchy songs that you’ll fight long and hard to forget. But which one stands out for you as the catchiest of catchy songs? Let us know in the comments section below along with any other catchy YouTube songs you think should have made the cut.

Image Credit: Anthony Ryan

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