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Cartunes: A Gorgeous Swipe-Heavy Music App [iOS]

Israel Nicolas 28-10-2012

Are you looking for an alternative music player for your iOS device? If you are, check out Cartunes, an awesome player that is designed entirely for touch gestures, which is a nice approach considering the tap-heavy interface of Apple’s default app.


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With Cartunes, you can blow through your playlist by using swipe gestures. You can swipe left or right to seek through songs, swipe up to open your playlist, tap to play or pause, and swipe down to share what you are playing to Twitter.

Cartunes also makes use of the two-finger flick to shuffle songs, hold and swipe up or down to adjust volumes, and even pinch to play the current song’s album or artist.

All these gestures come with a blazing fast and beautiful full-screen interface for an immersive experience. Album graphics just pop, and it even changes colors and visuals depending on the song. It comes with a grid view for songs and albums, and you can sort the list for better music management.

Cartunes is probably the best alternate music player for iOS. If you find Apple’s music player boring and clunky, then you should try out this app.



Check out Cartunes @ https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/cartunes-music-player/id415408192?mt=8#

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