CardBox: Free QR Code Based Business Card Exchange [Android]

Dave LeClair 26-03-2012

People are always looking for new ways to exchange their information. Back in the day, everyone carried around business cards. If you met someone, you handed them a piece of paper, and let them know all the important details about you. Nowadays, people seem to be switching more and more to digital business cards. If you prefer to trade information digitally, CardBox is a great option for you.


qr code business card

Basically, CardBox allows you to embed information in a QR code, and share it with people you meet. They can download and store your information to their phone by simply snapping a picture of your code. Both parties need to have the app installed on their phone in order for the secure information to be downloaded and shared.


Every time you meet someone and share information, it will be downloaded as a new contact for you to access later. For added security, you can also add a password to the app, preventing unauthorized access when you don’t want anyone to see the contents of the app behind your back.



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