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Games can be good for productivity: they give you a chance to slow down, reflect on what needs doing and relax for a few moments. If your boss sees you playing a game instead of working however, all of these benefits are made irrelevant quite quickly.

Enter, a website which features three games that look like you’re working. Guide a small rocket through a graph, play a game of breakout on a text document or enjoy an elimination game on a bar graph.

games that look like you're working

These games not only resemble the office product they emulate quite closely; they’re also really fun. If you’re looking for a diversion you can enjoy right out in the open, check this site out right now. You’ll enjoy them, and they won’t get you fired.

Best of all: you just might earn the ultimate procrastination prize: a spot on the coveted high score list.

games that look like you're working


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