You Can Play “Beyond Good & Evil” for Free This Month on PC
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Beyond Good & Evil (BG&E), first released in 2003, is an interesting title for a variety of reasons. For one, it’s among the few games to star a strong female protagonist. Beyond that, however, this title perfectly fits the bill for a cult classic game. It sold poorly, but was met with solid reviews, and its fans have been clamoring for a sequel for a long time.

Originally released during the GameCube/PS2/Xbox era, the game also saw a re-release for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC a few years back. Not content to fit into one genre, BG&E had a little bit of everything. From Zelda-styled adventuring to stealth sections to vehicle races, the variety of BG&E was certainly no small part of its charm.

If you haven’t played BG&E and this sounds like a game you’d like to experience, you’re in luck. Ubisoft is giving away the title all this month via their Uplay service on PC. Visit their Ubi 30 page, celebrating the company’s 30-year anniversary, to claim your download. This began on October 12, and since the downloads change every month, you have a few more weeks left to grab it.

This free giveaway of a relatively unpopular game has generated buzz about whether Ubisoft is planning to announce a sequel. While this might be a stretch, we did include BG&E 2 as a game we’d like to see announced in 2015, so you never know.

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Are you a fan of Beyond Good and Evil? If you haven’t played it before, will you give it a try for free? Give us your thoughts on the game down in the comments!

Image Credit: Giulio_Fornasar via Shutterstock

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  1. Doc
    October 30, 2016 at 9:08 pm

    Requires an account? No thanks, will go buy it on GOG instead...DRM free!

    • Ben Stegner
      October 31, 2016 at 3:33 pm

      You'd rather pay for a game than get it for free?

      • Doc
        October 31, 2016 at 4:25 pm

        After all the crap I've read about Ubisoft's DRM...yeah. It's only $9.99 - I'd waste more time than it's worth having to reinstall Windows or arguing with Ubi's tech support.