Cammster: Use Webcam as Security Camera

TehseenBaweja 18-07-2011

Installing security features in your house or office can be very expensive. Cammster offers a free way to monitor your home and office for intrusions by using your webcam to detect any motion. Simply register and launch the Cammster program before leaving the house, if Cammster detects motion via webcam it will alert you via email or SMS. Receiving email alerts are free, however SMS notifications cost a dollar each. The software also stores all the unusual events it records and allows you to view the history of up to 200 events for free.


One of the drawbacks however, is that you have to leave the page open all this time which means the intruder has a good chance to see that he has been captured on video. The tool however, still provides good value in contrast to many other security systems.

use webcam as security camera



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