CameraTrace: Find Your Lost or Stolen Camera

Dave LeClair 30-12-2011

If you own a camera, or any expensive piece of electronics, than you will know how terrifying it would be to lose it or have it stolen. The thought of never seeing your precious camera again is enough to make anyone seek a way to protect that camera. That is where CameraTrace is a lifesaver.


find lost stolen camera

CameraTrace allows you to register your camera with their system for $10.00. They give you a special tag with an individualized serial number that will help get your camera returned if you lose it. The tag provides a good person who finds your camera with a website to go to, and this website will help them find you, and communicate with you, so you can get your camera back.


They also watch popular image sites and are often able to extract the serial number from a photo and trace that to your camera. They also have experience in the process of recovering lost and stolen goods, so you don’t have to take as many risks to get it back.



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