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Camera Awesome: A Cool Camera App That Lives Up To Its Name [iPhone]

Dave LeClair 12-03-2012

Far too often things say they are awesome. It’s easy to claim you are awesome, but to actually be awesome, you must meet many criteria. In my experience, Camera Awesome was not making stuff up when they called their app awesome, because in terms of iPhone camera apps, it really is awesome. It is incredibly feature packed, and to top off its awesomeness, it is free!


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One of the best things about this app is how it allows you to set a focus location and an exposure location, giving you exactly the shot you want. You can also set up grids on the screen to help you stick with the rule of thirds, giving your shot a professional look and feel. All in all, the options to set up your shot are among the best I have seen on the iPhone.

camera awesome

After you take your picture, you are given a slew of options for improving your image. The first, is called “awesomize.” This has the application go through and automatically improve the quality of your image. If you enjoy a more hands on approach, you can go through and tweak the image yourself, and make it exactly how you like. The app also has social integration that allows you to share your creations easily.


  • Create beautiful photos with your iPhone.
  • Set exposure and focus points before you shoot.
  • “Awesomeize” your image after you take it.
  • All kinds of effects and custom edits can be made.
  • Takes video too.
  • Social sharing on all popular social networks.

Find Camera Awesome on the iTunes App Store [No Longer Available]

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