Cambridge Digital Library: Online Archive Of Original Research Papers

Hammad 14-12-2011

For people who have a thirst and hunger for knowledge, the Cambridge Digital Library is a great place to hang out. As the name of the website suggests, Cambridge Digital Library is an online digital library that holds some of the best available papers – you cannot find anywhere else.


original research papers

The Cambridge Digital Library has just started and does not have many papers in its collection for now, however, they do have papers about Newton and his many notebooks, which may help people, understand the fundamental principles behind his teachings, and what led him to make one of the greatest discoveries and theories of all time.

To read any article, just visit the website and click the “Browse” button, which allows people to navigate through the online library. Once you find the notes you want to read, just click on them to read it.


  • Notes and documents available online
  • Original notes scanned and brought in digital form
  • Great for people who hunger knowledge and want to learn something ‘new’

Check out Cambridge Digital Library @

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