Cambox: Create Beatbox Music Using Your iPhone

Would you like to have a beatbox in your pocket? Then you have to check out Cambox. This app lets you generate beatbox sounds based on short video clips that you shoot with the app. You can then share the generated clips to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and more.

create beatbox music

This beatbox-machine-in-your-pocket works by first tapping the app when prompted, and then making a sound. Each clip takes about a second to record. Once you have enough beats, you can compile them into a single interface and play the beats in succession to create your live beatbox music.

Cambox lets you make music with anything, from your friend’s silly sounds, a dog barking, cars beeping, or the whining of your siblings. Bunch them up together and you have a funny collection that beats.

You can go to YouTube to check out the beatbox videos made by Cambox users.


Download Cambox @ [No Longer Available]

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