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Tina Sieber 28-04-2014

In a world driven by noise, calmness is a gift. Music provides an easy escape from the craziness of the real world. Drown out the distractions and drift off into a comforting net of sounds with Sound Sunday‘s free music stream & downloads.


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Classical Piano

Genre: modern classical, piano

Russian composer Dimitry Evgrafov wrote and recorded his third album in the seclusion of the countryside. The calming atmosphere helped him overcome the writer’s block that had followed a consuming second album. The resulting album embodies this perfect synergy between the natural surrounding and the music.

Genre: electronic, piano, chillstep


Emotional Piano is the work of Christoffer Hylander. The Swedish musician learned to play the piano and produced his first full length album during his teen years. Now in his twens, he has specialized in combining classical piano music with electronic elements.

Genre: electronic, ambient, classical, piano

Soft and beautiful. All composed around my nostalgic and sentimental feelings. These tracks are just emotion served audibly to you from me. Mostly classical with soft electronic elements.
Source: Bandcamp

Folk & Guitars

Genre: alternative, indie, folk


Fans of the band describe their music as deep and atmospheric; music to get lost in. Ryan DeGroot writes about the song Child of Wrath: “This is what I imaging nomads of old could hear when they stared up at the starscape above an open plain stretching as far as the eye could see.
Source: Bandcamp

Genre: alternative, indie, acoustic, guitar chillout, chillwave

The EP opens with the sound of waves and seagulls. Soon the wind carries in a melody and Ryan Brown fills your ears with laid back guitar music.

Pop & Rock

Genre: experimental, indie, r&b, pop


The music of arrange, aka Malcom Lacey, settles on you like a fog. It’s thick and heavy, yet refreshes the mind with steady drips of beats and melody.

Genre: indie, emo, post rock

Raintree brings you Baseball-inspired emo post rock from Charlottesville, Virginia.

Ambient Electronic

Genre: ambient, electronic, instrumental, chillout


Vondervotteimittiss describes himself as “creator of melodic sounds one could almost call music”. The self-proclaimed acclaimed, multi-talented and very modest (!) musician with great wit and humor hails from Buzau, Romania.
Source: Twitter

Genre: experimental, indie, electronica

In her professional life, Fran is a psychologist specialized on psychoanalysis and neuroscience. She also has a passion for music and acting. Her album The Totalistic Ark is a reflection on nature, humanity, life, and death.
Source: Bandcamp

Electronic Beats

Genre: experimental, instrumental, electronic, lo-fi

English producer klimeks delivers an electronic beat music EP that gently numbs the mind into relaxation.

Genre: instrumental, electronic, acoustic, guitar, beatstrumental, cello, folktronica

Bloomypetal is the moniker of San Diego based musician Richard Houghten. As a kid he recorded his own guitar playing using a tascam 4 track recorder and started over dubbing and flipping over the tape to record in reverse. Today he combines samples with his guitar music to create enchanting beat tapes.
Source: Facebook

The Playlist

This week’s playlist features my favorite song from each album. The full albums can be streamed using the widgets below or downloaded for free from Bandcamp.

Feeling Calm?

Which artists and tracks did you find most calming?

Would you like to influence what gets featured on Sound Sunday? Looking for playlists for a special event or purpose? Post your thoughts and requests in the comments, add music to the Sound Sunday Suggestions playlist on minilogs, get in touch with me @TinaSieber on Twitter, or email tina at this domain.

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