Call Confirm: Prevent Accidental Calls (Android App)

Israel Nicolas 07-11-2010

Do you often find call logs on your phone bill that you’re pretty sure you never dialed? You may be accidentally calling on your phone when it is in your pocket. Call Confirm is a simple and effective Android app that will help you avoid these annoying instances. What it does is it puts a dialog box on your phone screen that asks you if you really want to call the number that was dialed.


accidental calls on droid

Call Confirm also displays the contact’s number, photo, and name which is very convenient when making calls. If the number you dialed is not saved in your phone, it will indicate that it is an “unknown contact” so you don’t waste time or credits on unnecessary phone calls.

While most phones have a keypad lock feature that can easily prevent these occurrences, this nifty app also does the trick without having to activate a lock screen code. This is available as a free download.


  • Adds a confirmation box before calling.
  • Helps prevent accidental calls.
  • Displays the contact’s number’s name, picture, and number if it is saved in the phone.
  • Free to downloads.
  • Work with Android.

Use qr code below to download the app:
accidental calls on droid


Check out Call Confirm @

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