BuzzGrowl: See What People Are Saying About The Sites You Visit [Chrome]

MOin 11-03-2011

By knowing what people are saying about a particular site on social networks you can easily find out how popular the site is. Here to help you quickly see what people are tweeting or Facebook-sharing about the site you are on, is a tool called BuzzGrowl.


find out what people are saying

BuzzGrowl is a browser extension for Google Chrome. The extension adds a new icon to the address. When this icon is enabled, tweets and Facebook-shares automatically pop up in a mini-window at the bottom-right of the screen. These tweets and shares are what people have been saying about the site you currently have open in your active browser tab. You can use the side-buttons to view more shares and the bottom button to tweet, share, or retweet what you see.



  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Lets you read tweets and Facebook-shares about the sites you are visiting.
  • These shares appear in a mini window in the bottom right.
  • Buttons for scrolling and re-sharing are available.
  • Similar tools: TrendsmMap, TweetAlert and Trendistic.

Check out BuzzGrowl @ [No Longer Available]

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