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How to Buy a Kindle Book as a Gift for More Than One Person

Saikat Basu 12-07-2018

Books make wonderful gifts. So, why shouldn’t ebooks be enjoyed with the same shared pleasure? It was always possible to gift a Kindle ebook, but now you can also buy a single Kindle book as a gift for more than one person.


Let’s look at just how you can spot the book that qualifies as a gift for a group or a team.

How to Buy Kindle Books for More Than One Person

Buy for Others on Kindle

The Buy for others feature is part of the Amazon US Kindle Store. Keep this in mind because Amazon says that if you do not live in the same country as your recipient, the book may not be available for your recipient due to any country or copyright restrictions.

When a book qualifies for the Buy for others feature, you will spot a yellow widget close to the buy button. So, search for the book you want to gift first.

  1. Go to the Kindle book’s product detail page on Amazon.
  2. Check if the Buy for others button is visible. Select the quantity and click the Buy for others button.
  3. Complete your order details, and click Place your order.
  4. Amazon will send you Redemption links which can also be accessed from your Digital Orders page.
  5. Locate your order and click View Redemption Links.
  6. Now you can send emails with redemption links one by one to your group. Alternatively, you can use a spreadsheet template that Amazon provides on the Digital Orders page.

This feature can make for thoughtful last minute gifts. It also does not require any shipping. So, this just might give you another reason to use the Kindle to its full potential 7 Ways to Take Full Advantage of Your Kindle Millions of people now own Kindles, but most of them aren't taking full advantage of these magnificent devices. There are various ways to take full advantage of your Kindle, and here are just seven... Read More .

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