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You Can Now Buy Game Soundtracks on Steam

Dave Parrack 09-01-2020

Valve is making it easier to buy video game soundtracks on Steam. Gaming soundtracks were previously sold as DLC, which was less than ideal. Now, you can buy game soundtracks on Steam without having to buy the game itself. There are other benefits too.


Valve Makes It Easier to Buy Soundtracks on Steam

Valve announced its plans for game soundtracks on the Steamworks Development Blog. The company said the new functionality both fixes “customer experience issues with the current ‘soundtrack-sold-as-DLC’ model,” and introduces “completely new features”.

The first change is the switch away from selling soundtracks as DLC. From now on, soundtracks will be available as a new “soundtrack” app type. Which means you can buy a soundtrack without purchasing or downloading the game itself.

Changing the app type means you can also browse and manage your soundtracks directly from the Steam library. You can also configure a “music” directory for all of your soundtracks, saving you from having to find them in subdirectories of the games.

Soundtracks also now support multiple quality levels. As well as MP3s, developers can include FLAC and/or WAV files. There’s also a new interface to manage, browse, and play your soundtracks. Finally, soundtracks will include album art and liner notes.


The Best Video Game Soundtracks to Listen To

At the time of writing, soundtracks are still listed as DLC. Valve is initially releasing these features to partners, with a sale event on January 20, 2020 launching them in a wider way. It may take some time for all soundtracks to be switched to the new system.

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