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6 Free Business Requirements Document Templates for Microsoft Word

Sandy Writtenhouse 21-08-2019

If you are in an executive role, you may need to write business requirements. You should opt for a business requirement template if you want to create an impression and do it in double-quick time.


A business requirements document (BRD) is an important document that gets a lot of attention. It holds the details necessary for projects of all types and needs specific information.

So rather than try to create this crucial document from scratch, use one of these helpful BRD templates for Microsoft Word.

Table-Structured Requirements Document Templates

For a clean, clear, and effective business requirements document, use one of these table-structured templates. This type of format makes the document simple to read and easy to create. In addition, it allows those viewing the document to be able to jump to certain sections faster.

Clicking on the links below will allow you to download and save the templates for free.

Template One

Versions and Approvals Template


This first BRD template from Template Lab starts with two tables right after the title page; one for version history and the other for document approvals. This is handy because you can see if you have the most recent version and that’s it’s already been approved.

Additional tables in the template include project details, document resources, a glossary of terms, stakeholders, assumptions, and use case sections. You’ll also see a linked table of contents which makes jumping to the section you need a breeze.

The business requirements table offers reference columns for requirement type, ID number, use case, and comments along with the features and functions. All of this makes this template a terrific option.

Template Two

BRD Template for Word from TemplateLab


This next business requirements document template is very similar to the one above. But what it also offers is a template guideline to assist you with completing the document. Once you begin writing your document, just save a different version that includes the guidelines for future reference or simply remove them.

The template offers those useful version history and document approval tables right at the beginning. It also has a linked table of contents, use case sections, and tables for resources, terms, stakeholders, and assumptions.

The business requirements table is sectioned nicely for the user, reporting, security, scalability, and other related requirements. This makes it easy to enter the features and functions in their respective spots. Because of the guideline section, if this is your first go at writing a BRD, this might be the template for you.

Text-Structured Business Requirements Document Templates

Your project may not need a completely table-formatted business requirements document. If this is the case, then these next two templates are text-structured instead. While they include a table here and there, the overall format is freeform text.


Template Three

BRD Template for freeform details

With just three tables at the start of the document for document history, definitions and abbreviations, and references, the rest of the template lets you write without limitations.

You’ll start by composing the executive summary, move onto background and context, describe the timing and phases, and include helpful imagery. The requirements section is structured using bullet points. And the standards and guidelines section uses a numbered list structure.

The template closes with one final table for precedence and priority of the features using high, medium, and low. What’s nice about this text-structured template is that each area is written with examples. This makes it another good choice if you’re writing a BRD for the first time.


Template Four

BRD Template for simpler projects

This next text-based template is more for simpler projects rather than those with many requirements. It gives you a table at the beginning for document revisions and then goes right into a linked table of contents and then the introduction, document overview, and glossary of terms; all freeform.

The template gives you plenty of room in its sections for business constraints, assumptions and dependencies, and requirements for future phases. The intent of this BRD template is to provide requirements via process diagrams that you can easily insert from another application.

Again, this is a nice template for more basic projects and those where requirements are necessary by a process.

Table and Text-Structured Requirements Document Templates

One of the most common types of business requirements documents you’ll see includes a mixture of tables and text. This is appropriate for any size or type of project and gives you flexibility along with a solid structure.

Template Five

Professional BRD Template for Word

This template from TechWhirl is not only useful with both text and tables but is an attractive and professional business requirements document option. You’ll start with the document revisions and approvals tables, but then write your project summary with objectives and background using an outline format.

There are spots for diagrams if you’d like to include them, and you can add short descriptions surrounding them for context. You will find that all business requirements are set up with requirements numbers, priority, description, rationale, use case reference, and impacted stakeholders. The template is sectioned off for base functionality and then security, reporting, and audit requirements.

You’ll like this BRD template as it gives you the neatness of tables with the flexibility of freeform text.

Template Six

BRD Template with business requirements matrix

Another good combination template for your business requirements document is this final option. You have tables right where you need them and exactly what you need them for with plenty of space for your text as well.

The template offers a linked table of contents and sections for an introduction, purpose, and project overview. Just some of the table sections for requirements include functions and features, data capture and storage, hardware and software, and testing and training. This makes it ideal for an IT project.

You also have an acceptance criteria matrix and issues log to finish off the document. For text and tables, this template makes a terrific BRD.

The Most Valuable Template You Can Use

There are many templates available for Microsoft Word that can help you perform your work faster.

But if there is just one template that is beyond valuable in business and for projects, it’s a business requirements document template. Hopefully one of these works out perfectly for you.

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