Building A New Character On Path Of Exile? Check These 3 Sites

Craig Snyder 28-04-2013

path of exile charactersI’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Path of Exile Path Of Exile Is A Free & Addictive Alternative To Diablo III [MUO Gaming] Despite breaking the single-day record for sales of a PC game, at 3.5 million, I feel as if Diablo III has turned out to be a bit of a flop. The game had a rocky... Read More has done better for the ARPG genre than Blizzard has with Diablo III. It’s my opinion that Path of Exile is a better game in practically ever facet imaginable. Sure, there’s no “real money auction house,” but does anyone actually like that anyway?


Nearly two months ago, I brought a post to MUO that introduced readers to five resources that can help you improve your Path of Exile gameplay 5 Resources To Make You A Better Path Of Exile Player [MUO Gaming] In the middle of February, I dropped an article on you guys that introduced you to everything you ever wanted in Diablo III - all in another game. That game is Path of Exile, and... Read More and better understand this game. It’s an extremely deep and complex ARPG, and to be a solid player you will definitely need to read up. One of the most dynamic aspects of Path of Exile is the passive skill tree. In conjunction with the items system and skill gems, it makes for some very unique builds.

In this article, I’d like to show you three websites that will help you build your Path of Exile character along the way.

Exile Pro [No Longer Available]

Curse is one of the most recognized names in competitive gaming. They’ve sponsored multiple eSports teams and they constantly push out fresh and interesting content on their network of websites. Exile Pro is one of the newest additions to their family.

path of exile characters

In the aforementioned article where I list a few websites that offer great help on getting started and improving with Path of Exile, I mentioned a guy named Kripparrian as one of the most worthy resources. Kripparrian practically runs Exile Pro himself, and that makes the website a pretty big deal. This guy is an incredibly intelligent individual and an innovator of so many builds on the game. I couldn’t think of a better person to control the content of a Path of Exile website.


Browsing through builds is quite simple. Click one of the playable classes (shown in the screenshot above) and you’ll be immediately taken to the relevant set of builds.

path of exile new character

Build pages are laid out very cleanly and the tabbed interface allows you to quickly and easily see the most important parts while avoiding fluff.

path of exile new character


Each build page offers an introduction, layout of your passive skill tree, relevant gems, endgame items, and general tactics on how to play with the build.

Path of Exile Builds

No creative name needed with this one. Path of Exile Builds is one of the very first websites to introduce build sets to a community following.

path of exile new character

Reaching the builds section of the website is as easy as, again, clicking on the thumbnail of whichever class you’re interested in on the front page. Optionally, you can click the Builds header on the menu bar, which will also allow you to search builds or show a random build.


character path of exile

While the build page layout doesn’t strike me as efficient as Exile Pro’s, it is still easy to navigate and does a fair job. Builds consist of a single page and passive skill trees are outbound links to completed trees on the official website’s tree planner. The Gear section of the build is the most lackluster, where it’s purely text describing what items you should be on the lookout for.

If Exile Pro doesn’t have something you’re looking for, Path of Exile Builds is the best secondary option.


As usual, Reddit proves to be a great resource when it comes to gaming banter and advice.


path of exile characters

Reddit’s format isn’t exactly ideal for laying out an in-depth guide on how to build your Path of Exile character, but this sub-reddit still manages to be one of the most reliable places to go for just that.

The difference between /r/PathOfExileBuilds and the alternatives in this post is that you’ll rarely see a user outline a build upfront. The majority of posts here revolve around the community members asking for advice first, and then receiving tips and information on how to build around their preference. This sub-reddit includes a lot of very high-level and experienced players who seem more than happy to help a newbie out. If you have an interesting build idea and you’d like to see how players would critique it, this is one of the best places to go.

In a game like Path of Exile, sometimes the best way to become a better player is to be a bit of a copycat. Luckily for you and I, there seem to be players who are willing to hand over the details on some of their favorite builds so that others can reap the benefits. Path of Exile is still a young game, still in beta actually, so there aren’t many of these websites (and the ones that do exist are fairly dry as of yet).

What do you think of Path of Exile and the depth there is to building new Path of Exile characters?

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  1. Chris Marcoe
    May 10, 2013 at 10:56 pm

    Been playing for a few days now. But I have one question. Is this game still in beta? Because... 1) It seems pretty complete. has a very finished touch to it. 2) I keep seeing beta forums and things about beta. 3) SWEET GAME!!

  2. Javier Sánchez
    April 28, 2013 at 11:08 am

    Hello! Well I won't talk at all about Path of Exile, since I haven't played it, I just want to say... Diablo 2 and 3 can't compare to anything. They inspired and I'm sure will keep inspiring lots of games, but they have been out for some time already, don't they?. So, we shouldn't forget that, by the time each of them got released, Blizzard did a magnificent work, just as with all of its titles.