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Buffer Introduces Smart Twitter Auto-Complete

Mark O'Neill 01-10-2013

Anything that saves time is a good thing in anyone’s book, and everyone’s favorite social media scheduling tool has just developed a great automated time saving technique. You’ve seen it on the Twitter site for a long time, and now it’s on Buffer“Smart Twitter Auto-Complete”. And it even works on their mobile apps.


Buffer Introduces Smart Twitter Auto-Complete twitterautocomplete1

You know what “Smart Twitter Auto-Complete” is – when you start to type a person’s Twitter username, the page you’re on (normally the Twitter website) will go through the list of your Twitter followers and intelligently decide who you are intending to type. Then it will “suggest” it for you and you can just select it, where you will then fill in the rest for you. The feature is also seen on other websites, most notably Facebook and Google.

Although, be aware – when I first tried to use this, it didn’t work. After a lot of turning things off and back on again, I finally discovered that the Ghostery browser extension was to blame. It was blocking the auto-complete feature from working, and when I alerted Buffer to this, they said they had no idea that this was happening. So if you use Ghostery like I do, you will have to allow the “Intercom” widget.

If you use Buffer on your mobile phone, the smart auto-complete also works there. Same deal. Simply start typing the person’s name and it will start to suggest the person’s name. When you see the correct name, tap on it, and bingo, it’s been filled in for you.

Buffer Introduces Smart Twitter Auto-Complete auto complete mobile


Overall, this is a fantastic feature to have, and the social media scheduling tools in Buffer (which are free, as well as paid) are second to none. Give it a try today and let us know in the comments what you think of it.

Source: Buffer Blog

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