BuddySchool: Online Tutors in All Subjects

Community for people who want to study or tutor online. BuddySchool counts almost 4000 private teachers offering over 120 subjects (Foreign Languages, Programming, Egyptian Hieroglyphs, Painting, …)

BuddySchool: Online Tutors and Tutoring

Feature Overview

  • For Tutors:
  • Earn money by offering online lessons.
  • Accept any popular payment method (Credit Cards, PayPal, Western Union, etc.).
  • Display class schedules and available time slots.
  • Receive lesson request notifications on your mobile phone (free).
  • For Students:
  • Get private lessons from qualified professionals.
  • Browse tutors by topic (Art, Spirituality, Business, Humanities, Language, and Science).
  • View individual tutor profiles, read user feedback (if available), schedule a lesson, take a test lesson (if available), etc.
  • Store chat history and session notes online.

Check out BuddySchool @ www.buddyschool.com

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