Bubble My Page: Break Down Webpages Into Bubbles To Check Word Density

moin 27-02-2013

Are you curious about how many times you have use a certain word on your webpage? If yes, then you can probably count that word and figure out the number but the task can be very difficult for all the words on the webpage. Here to help with this task is a website called Bubble My Page.



Bubble My Page is a website that is simple to use. The website offers an interesting feature which is implemented in quite a novel way. The web service aims to become a tool that helps you determine the word density on webpages. In other words, you can check which words are used on a webpage and with what frequency. But rather than providing you with a simple breakdown of the word usage stats, this website shows you bubbles that encapsulate all the words on a webpage.

The colorful bubbles are sorted with the larger bubbles placed in the center. The larger bubbles indicate more usage of a particular word. If you want to check exactly how many times that particular word was found on the webpage, simply place your mouse pointer over that bubble and a black floating window will show you the number of times that word was used.


To achieve this wonderful visual environment to check the word density of webpage, Bubble My Page uses – a JavaScript library for manipulating documents and giving them a visual look based on data. As you can see, the library’s tools have been employed by the website.



  • A user friendly web service.
  • Lets you check word density of webpages.
  • Places words in visually appealing bubble patterns.
  • Words most used appear in larger bubbles.

Check out the Bubble My Page breakdown of any webpage using the following address:

Where the final ‘URL’ is your site’s address. For example, here is the Bubble My Page breakdown of

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