BTDigg: A Trackerless Torrent Search Engine

abhijeet 27-02-2011

DHT (Distributed Hash Table) is a technology that eliminates the role of a central tracker when it comes to peer to peer file sharing. That means that using DHT, one could directly download a file from a peer computer without going through a tracker. BTDigg is a search engine that uses DHT network to find and index torrents which could then be searched and downloaded. The interface is tasteless to say the least, and the results aren’t too encouraging either. But it could be useful for torrent hunters who know how to find their way around such tools.


trackerless torrent

As you can see in the screenshot above, it’s a simple black and green user interface which shows results in green and orange reminding you of the days when rich colors on the screen were non-existent. But the search engine is unique in the sense that it uses the technology that no other torrent search app has tried yet.


  • Trackerless torrent search engine.
  • Uses the DHT network to find and index torrents.

Check out BTDigg @ [Broken URL Removed]

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