BrowserTexting: Send Texts From Your Browser Through Your Android Phone

MOin 18-08-2011

Connecting your phone to your computer so that you can type SMS texts through the keyboard is greatly convenient. While many mobile operating systems offer compatible desktop counterparts for such a connection, an alternative for Android phones is offered by a service called BrowserTexting.


send texts from browser

BrowserTexting’s function is to let you send SMS texts through your computer’s browser. You can install the service’s Android application on your phone and through it a connection to your computer’s web browser is established. The site’s texting interface then lets you view a list of all your phone contacts, send them SMS messages, send group messages, and receive instant new text notifications.

While the site works for all modern browsers, it has a dedicated Google Chrome extension that does not require a separate browser tab and features popup notifications.

send sms from browser


Check out BrowserTexting @ [No Longer Available]

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