12 Free Browser Match-3 Games to Enjoy on Your Next Break

Sandy Writtenhouse 03-11-2017

When you need a break in your busy day, why not pop open a fun, challenging online match-three game 20 Cool Puzzle Games You Can Play Free in Your Browser Browser-based games are perfect for a quick casual game. Pick one from these quick puzzle games to stimulate your brain. Read More ? These unique options let you match classic items, create chains, take out zombies, and serve customers. All of this enjoyment is packed with the punch of the match-three puzzle genre.


If you are ready for a great way to pass the time during lunch or a coffee break 12 HTML5 Browser Games That Don't Need Adobe Flash Here's a list of free HTML5 browser games you can play without Flash. You never need to be bored at work ever again. Read More , check out these awesome online games.

1. Zoobies Match

Move through the levels matching animals in Zoobies Match from Match3Games. This colorful game gives you a goal at the beginning of each level. Swap frogs, chicks, and elephants to meet the objectives and score as high as you can along the way.

free browser match-three games zoobies

Match more than three animals to create special tiles that blast away columns and rows. You can pause the game at any time and listen to some jazzy music 10 Superb Retro Game Soundtracks To Listen To While You Work Some games are instantly forgettable. Those that are not invariably feature an excellent soundtrack. Read More as you play.

2. Mystic Sea Treasures

For something a little challenging in the match-three puzzle genre, check out Mystic Sea Treasures from Gamesgames. What makes this one a bit tougher is that the tiles are in a honeycomb layout, so matches are harder to spot. Do your best to move and match quickly before time runs out.


free browser match-three games mystic sea treasures

Meet your goals, using powerups that clear away blocks of tiles or rows if needed, to continue on. Complete with a pirate theme and music to match, Mystic Sea Treasures is an enjoyable challenge.

3. Fairy Island

Instead of matching items pirates love, try matching colors to save fairies from those pirates. Fairy Island from Big Fish Games challenges you to make matches from the bottom up. Just click to remove three or more blocks of the same color. Each color represents a fairy and the colors build up as you match, so do your best to free them all.

free browser match-three games fairy island


You also want need to think strategically with your matches because as time moves forward, more rows of blocks rise from the bottom. You can see which ones are coming next, making it easier to decide which blocks to remove and when. Free the lovely fairies and move onto the next level in this fast-moving matching adventure.

4. Bread Delicious

In Bread Delicious from CoolGames, you get to serve up tasty bakery goods. Just drag through the ingredients to make chains of three or more items. When they turn into other ingredients, capture those as well to meet the level goal. For example, match enough seeds to meet the level goal and create enough wheat from those seeds for that level at the same time.

free browser match-three games bread delicious

You only have a certain amount of time to get your ingredients together, so move quickly. But remember, you can pause the game at any time. Bread Delicious is a fun match-three game with a chain-making twist.


5. Pastry Passion

If you prefer sweet pastries over wheat bread, take on Pastry Passion. This game puts the pressure on as you make matches of three or more to satisfy the number of ingredients shown. Once you grab the right number of each ingredient, click to package your pastry.

free browser match-three games pastry passion online

Try to make matches of more than three and create combos — doing so makes ingredients carry more value. And don’t let anything get past you on the conveyor belt; otherwise it will end up down the chute and you have to start the level again. Pastry Passion is a fun game that combines matching with time management.

6. Jewel Academy

When it comes to match-three games, you can always count on one that has you matching gems. Jewel Academy gives you a target and certain number of moves to complete your mission. Create magic gems by matching more than three tiles and make combos to score big.


free browser match-three games jewel academy

The higher your score, the better, as you earn stars for the level. This one hits the target for the basic concept of a match-three puzzle game, so take a look at Jewel Academy if you like them simple.

7. Sweet Candies

Another staple in the match-three genre satisfies your sweet tooth, you can match hundreds of lollipops in Sweet Candies. Just swap the same-colored candies to make matches and clear the colored tiles.

free browser match-three games sweet candies online

As with similar games, matching more than three of the same candy will give you special tiles. Sweet Candies has upbeat, jolly music, and plenty of levels to play through.

8. Shape Matcher

When you want to move outside the box of candies or jewels, check out Shape Matcher. You can play this one online for free 20 Quick Web Games to Play Online When You're Bored Here are the best quick web games to play online when you're sat twiddling your thumbs and need to beat boredom. Read More and without an account. Just swap matching shapes to clear the colored tiles on the board.

free browser match-three games shape matcher online

Complete the level to move onto the next and enjoy the bubbly music as you play. And remember, bigger matches can give you great rewards to help with the game.

9. Apartment Match

If you’re in the market for a unique match-three challenge, Apartment Match gives it to you. Your goal is to match apartment floors of the same color and pattern moving up the line. The trick is that you click a spot on the side (left or right) you want the apartment floor placed to make your match, but it may not create a match on the other side.

free browser match-three games apartment match

To add to the challenge of Apartment Match, you have limited time to make your matches and before the floors reach the top. Watch the left side, the right side, and the clock in this cool and brain-teasing game 15 Awesome Puzzle and Brain Teaser Games for Chrome Put on your thinking cap, open up Chrome, and check out these fun and challenging brain teasers. Read More .

10. Flower Power

Help a gnome in search of his true love in Flower Power. This match-three game offers its own types of twists and turns. The gnome needs a certain number of flower matches to move towards his sweetheart. For example, you may need three roses, four daisies, and five violets. However, you must match them in the correct order to clear his path.

free browser match-three games flower power

Since you can see the gnome’s entire path, you can carefully plan your moves. There may be times you have to clear other flowers in order to match the ones you really need. Plus, there may be more than one path leading to the lovely lady waiting at the end. For a neat concept and different type of challenge, give Flower Power a go.

11. Zombie Pop

Get ready to match silly-looking zombies in this puzzle from CoolGames. In Zombie Pop, you must connect the correct number of colored zombies shown. You may need 10 red and 15 purple zombies, for example. Connect as many as you can of those colors to satisfy the goal, but watch out for those undead Slay All the Zombies You Can in These 8 Free Mobile Games Looking to slay the undead in time for Halloween? Here are eight free mobile games where you can enjoy killing hundreds of zombies. Read More .

free browser match-three games zombie pop

You may have to match zombies that are not part of your objective just to clear them out of the way. This is no problem for a zombie-shooter The 7 Best Online FPS Browser Games Here are the best FPS browser games you can play on the web right now, all of which are fantastically playable. Read More like you. However, you have limited time to get the job done, and more zombie heads of various colors continue to fall. Save us all and have fun at the same time — give Zombie Pop your best shot.

12. Coffee Rush

Are you ready to get your Coffee Rush by serving up customers? In this nifty match-three game, you make matches to complete orders that your customers place. When their order is ready, click to serve them and then collect the cash. You need a certain amount of sales to move onto the next level.

free browser match-three games coffee rush

Keeping those customers happy is essential because you are only open for a short amount of time. And an angry customer is bad for business and your sales too. So, match, serve, and collect money as fast as you can in this enjoyable game combo from Big Fish Games.

Which Match-3 Games Do You Love?

Along with this super list are tons of other online match-three games 12 Great Mobile Games You Can Play in Your Browser If you want to play games on your mobile device but don't have room to install them, try these awesome titles you can play right from your browser. Read More . Do you have a favorite? Maybe you like classic match-three gameplay, the twist of making matches to create more matches, or time-based challenges that test your matching skills. Or maybe you don’t like to play alone, so check out some awesome two-player games 12 Free Online Games You Can Play With Friends Anywhere Need free online games to play with friends? Here are the best two-player online multiplayer games you can play in your browser. Read More .

Let us know which match-three game you like the most and feel free to suggest others down in the comments!

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