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Brilliant’s Interactive Courses Provide a Lifetime of Learning

Rahul Saigal 16-12-2019

Improving learning outcomes for students and professionals requires effort on multiple fronts. One major part is helping learners to take a more active role in the learning process. Unfortunately, many learners try to address this challenge only through narrow learning activities to memorize formulas, followed by rushed studying (cramming) for an exam or presentation.

This approach minimizes continuity in the knowledge-acquiring process, reduces interest, and harms the lasting effects of learning. Brilliant offers interactive, online learning courses in mathematics, science, and computer science to develop an interest in active learning.

Let’s look at the courses offered by Brilliant that can help you become a better learner and problem solver.

Why Brilliant?

First, let’s look at some of the great advantages Brilliant offers:

  1. Brilliant helps you learn by doing. Its courses guide you through problem-solving strategies with interactive learning techniques to harness interest and curiosity.
  2. There are a wide variety of courses for students, professionals, job aspirants, and other groups. These include foundational and advanced mathematics, basic and advanced science, computer science, data structures, machine learning, and more.
  3. You can get started with Brilliant irrespective of age, skill level, or profession. If you’re a beginner, you can enroll in a basic course, or dive right into intermediate and advanced courses if you’re ready. Brilliant is for ambitious and curious people ages 13 and above.
  4. The courses are carefully designed with efforts from dedicated educators and lifelong learners from respected universities, including MIT, Caltech, Duke, Stanford, Cambridge, and other schools. Head to the lead educators and course contributors page for details.

In addition to the website, you can also learn on the go by downloading the Brilliant app for iOS or Android.

Getting Started With Brilliant

When you first sign up for Brilliant, you can pick from any number of courses. If you don’t know where to start, check out the topics listed under popular courses. Alternatively, you can browse all the 60+ courses by subject.

The Courses section takes a guided problem-solving based approach to any subject. Instead of the standard lecture-based delivery, you’ll learn both the practical and fundamental aspects of your chosen topic.

For example, in the Computer Science Fundamentals course, Brilliant will teach you how to think like a computer scientist. It starts with the very basics, including drag-and-drop programming a delivery drone. There’s no experience required!

learn computer science with Brilliant

The Today section always has something new. It comes with new Daily Challenges, which consist of one math/logic and one science/engineering problem every day. By turning on daily reminders, students and professionals can take advantage of this to keep learning incrementally and make it a habit.

Daily challenge in Brilliant

How Are Brilliant Courses Designed?

Once you’ve selected a course, start from the beginning. Each lecture breaks down the material in easy-to-digest explorations. Within each exploration are fun quizzes to get hands-on with subject matter. The questions are sometimes tricky and put your critical thinking to the test.

If you choose a wrong answer, click the Show explanation button to show the answer and get an explanation of the solution with detailed examples. By working through the quizzes, you are building up your problem-solving skills.

The courses are made with industry best practices in mind. In the computer science courses, the built-in code editor helps you learn how a particular programming language works and practice it simultaneously.

learn the flow of programming with Brilliant

We also found the Logic course especially interesting. It consists of puzzles with truth-teller riddles, logical fallacies, machine logic, and game theory. The puzzles become more difficult after each chapter, challenging your critical thinking skills.

As you learn, you’ll follow a natural progression. Brilliant guides you through your learning journey by providing information on the prerequisites for the course you are planning to take. You can also view next steps for you to expand your learning on a specific topic. This helps you make sure you’re always at the right level for what you want to learn.

Courses for Students, Job Aspirants, Professionals, and Lifelong Learners

Brilliant help students move from basic to graduate levels developing a deep foundation in key concepts. The elementary step is an important stage because students must learn and develop problem-solving skills from the beginning. Examples of these courses include:

  • Logic and Deduction: Starts with puzzles and mind-bending challenges. You’ll learn how to apply the basics of logical reasoning and problem solving in practice with fun riddles.
  • Mathematics: The essential course for mastering algebra, geometry, logic, and number theory. Instead of memorizing formulas, Brilliant will use diagrams and words to explore the essence of frameworks, not formulas. Going forward, you’ll learn the foundations of equations, rates, ratios, and sequences.
  • Statistics and Probability: Learn the basics of statistics with real-life examples. With the probability course, you can analyze probabilistic scenarios. The applied probability course will help you understand the fundamentals through games, sports, economics, and science.

For professionals, Brilliant helps build the problem-solving skills and confidence necessary for job interviews and a successful career. Below are a few examples of these courses:

  • Data Structures: An essential course for aspiring computer scientists or programmers. You’ll start with the basics like arrays and sorting, then progress towards complex data types, structures, and algorithms.
  • Programming With Python: In this course, you’ll learn the basic concepts of variables, control flow, and simulation. These principles apply to games, data visualization, and machine learning.
  • Machine Learning: This course develops the fundamental basis needed to understand the problem of classification and estimation. You’ll learn the techniques to analyze big data and explore them to automatically extract patterns in real-world problems.
  • Quantum Computing: This course is made in collaboration with Microsoft and Google. You can explore Brilliant’s quantum circuit simulator, and even simulate a quantum computer directly in the browser or in the app.

Maybe you’re a lifelong learner who’s curious about the world or want to keep your mind sharp. Some of these courses will appeal to you:

  • Search Engines: Have you ever wondered how Google and other search engines work? Dive into this course to explore the ideas behind search technology and even how to build your own search index.
  • Astronomy: Looking up at the night sky is enough to make anyone gasp in wonder. In this course, you’ll learn fascinating information about the universe and understand the life of a star.
  • Physics of the Everyday: What happens when you flush a toilet? How do BMX bikers use physics to master their sport? Learn about these and other everyday applications of physics in this course.

Brilliant Premium Makes a Great Gift

Brilliant is a fun way to nurture curiosity, build confidence, and develop problem-solving skills crucial to students, job aspirants, and professionals.

If you’re ready to take your learning further, the premium subscription is for you. It includes access to all courses, an archive of every daily challenge, additional practice sessions, and the ability to save courses on your device. Brilliant Premium is a perfect gift to help your students learn effectively, shape your career, and nurture your skills in the competitive job sector.

gift Brilliant premium

To get started, sign up for the seven-day free trial and check out the courses; we think you’ll be pleased. Head to the Give Brilliant Premium page for more details—the first 200 readers who sign up with our special link will enjoy 20% off an annual subscription!

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