Brightpod: A Project Management Platform For Digital Marketers & Creatives [20 Free Subscriptions]

Tim Brookes 06-05-2013

Managing any project can be hard, and project management software only goes so far. One thing that can really hold a project back is settling on a management platform that’s not right for your project. Social media strategists, digital marketers and many creative types often struggle with the likes of BaseCamp and Trello Trello - A Unique, Simple & Powerful Project Management System From A Good Home Does the name Joel Spolsky mean anything to you? If so, you’re going to want to read this post, because it showcases Spolsky’s latest and greatest project. And if not, you should know this is... Read More when neither are built with their sector in mind. The guys at Brightpod had an idea – what about making a management platform for these industries instead?


project management for creatives

Brightpod is a management system that has all the usual things you’d expect to see from something designed to help you better manage a variety of projects. As well as overviews for contributors and activity summaries across all of your projects, the platform also includes support for workflows. When running campaigns similar to those you have rub before you can use Brightpod’s workflows to duplicate many of the steps in a click, or create a workflow from an existing project.


A dedicated area called Flow helps users concentrate on tasks that are important to them, rather than being distracted with what can be a very intimidating list of to-dos. Of course some things can’t wait and you’ll find those in the area marked Attention, along with a due date (or an overdue date, if that’s how you do things). A powerful calendar displays all tasks, separating projects by colour to provide a thorough overview of upcoming deadlines.

Finally all tasks can be archived and recalled if required, and there’s a powerful email system that allows even those who aren’t part of your Brightpod project respond with nothing more than an email.



  • Project management for creatives, marketers, social media types and strategists.
  • Powerful feature set that isn’t designed for software development or bug testing.
  • Clean and straightforward layout.
  • Calendar and separate areas to separate tasks to focus on and those that need completing.

Brightpod have provided us with 20 free accounts for 6-month subscriptions to the first 20 users who sign up using the link below. Users who miss out can still sign up for $20 per month for a limited time.

For your chance to get a free half-year subscription signup for Brightpod using this link.

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  1. Deb
    May 31, 2013 at 6:09 pm

    Nice post. I'd like to take advantage of the free six-month subscription however Chrome is not allowing me to the site to sign-up. Please advise.

    Thank you!