Born Glorious: Find Out the Birthdays of Famous People

Dave LeClair 29-03-2013

Have you ever wondered when your favorite celebrity’s birthday is? Sure, you can go to Wikipedia and look up the person if there is someone specific you have in mind, but what if you just want a general idea of which celebrities are celebrating a birthday today? This is where the website called Born Glorious comes into play. It offers a convenient way to find the out the birthday and death anniversary of almost every celebrity around the world.


the birthdays of famous people

By default, when you visit the site it will show you celebrity birthdays taking place on today’s date. It will show you all the celebrity birthdays today, and the default method for sorting is by popularity. You can change the sorting to birth year from oldest to newest and birth year from newest to oldest. You can also view famous people with certain occupations such as actor, baseball player and so on through this menu. You can also change who you see based on where the famous people were born.

Clicking a person will give you more information about them. Details such as their place of birth, and profession are shown on this page. You can also see an excerpt from their Wikipedia article and link to read the full article.

This website will also show you the anniversaries of the deaths of famous people. Everything functions just like birthdays, but with different results.


  • Find out which celebrities birthday and death anniversary are on any given date.
  • Find out more information about the person.
  • Sort by popularity and age.
  • View only famous people with certain occupations.

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