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How to Bookmark or Share Specific Sections of YouTube Videos

Nancy Messieh 13-06-2017

If you’re watching a long video on YouTube, you can use native features to bookmark where you stopped so you’re sure you never lose your place. But with a few tips and tricks, you can bookmark multiple parts of a video or share a start and end time of a video.

Native YouTube Bookmarks

You can easily save or share a video at an exact timestamp. Click the share button and make sure Start at is checked. YouTube will automatically select the timestamp where you stopped. Copy that link and paste it into your address bar, load the video, and bookmark it. You can also share that link as you would any other link.

How to Bookmark or Share Specific Sections of YouTube Videos YouTubeShare

Bookmark a Specific Part of a Video

While YouTube does make it easy to save or share links to a video so you can pick up where you left off, Chrome extension YouTube Bookmarker gives you some pretty robust bookmarking options.

With YouTube Bookmarker, you can create multiple bookmarks in one video. If there are multiple parts of a video you want to be able to come back to, you can bookmark all those spots.

Another handy feature of YouTube Bookmarker is the ability to select a specific segment of a video with start and stop times.

YouTube Bookmarker can come in really handy when you’re watching a tutorial. Some tutorials can be a little wordy, so if you want to bookmark the individual steps minus the extra waffling in between, you can use this extension.

Unfortunately, YouTube Bookmarker doesn’t have any sharing features.

Share a Specific Section of a Video

YouTube Bookmarker doesn’t have any sharing features to speak of and YouTube’s sharing features make it easy to choose when the video starts but not when it ends. But if you tweak the URL, YouTube does actually lets you share a specific section of a video from start to end.

For example, if you want to share this video from 0:15 to 0:30, you would copy the string of numbers and letters after watch?v= in the URL and add it to a new embed URL like this:


But let’s say you want to share the video from 1:22 to 2:01, you would need to calculate those timestamps in seconds. Luckily, you can calculate using Google. Search for Unit Converter, select Time from the dropdown menu, and enter the timestamps. With our example, you get 73 and 120 (both rounded down).

And you can add those timestamps to your URL:


Do you have any tips or tricks for saving or sharing YouTube links? Let us know in the comments.

Image Credit: Bloomicon via Shutterstock

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