Blubbr: Create Interactive Video Quizzes & Share Them Online

Umar 09-01-2013

The best way to test whether or not you actually know something is through a quiz. This is why teachers often conduct quizzes in the classroom. But even outside the classroom, quizzes are common. This is because not only do quizzes test learning, but they can also be extremely fun. Consider having a quiz between you and your friend about knowing the lyrics of the most song from your favorite bands. Such quizzes can be quite entertaining.


If you are looking to create an educational or fun quiz through videos on YouTube, you can do so through a website called Blubbr.

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Blubbr is a free to use web service that lets you create interactive quizzes out of YouTube videos. You start creating your interactive video quiz, called Trivs by the site, by typing in its title. Next you search for videos on YouTube through Blubbr’s interface. For each video you select, you select a portion of the video and you enter a question and four options because people who are taking the quiz will have multiple choices for each question, with only one being the right one.

When your quiz is finished you can begin sharing it online with your students or friends. They can visit your online quiz and take it; their score is shown to them and the highest scorers for the quiz can be seen in the end.



The site offers various quizzes that you can browse and take. These quizzes are sorted into categories of popularity and recentness. Many of them are entertaining and a fun way to pass your time.

Blubbr: Create Interactive Video Quizzes & Share Them Online popular


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Lets you create interactive video quizzes, called Trivs.
  • You get videos of quiz from YouTube.
  • You are shown the most popular and most recent Trivs on the site.

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