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The Blender 2.8 Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet for Windows

Akshata Shanbhag 28-12-2019

Blender is one of the best free 3D modeling programs available for anyone who wants to create computer graphics. It’s polished and powerful, going so far as to outshine quite a few paid alternatives.


If you use this highly recommended piece of open-source software for 3D modeling, texturing, animation, and more on your Windows PC, why not give your workflow a leg-up by becoming familiar with the most useful Blender keyboard shortcuts? You can discover them in our cheat sheet below.

We have grouped the shortcuts into logical sections like Navigation, Modeling, Rigging, Animation, Rendering, and so on to make it easy to find specific shortcuts.

Keep in mind that keyboard shortcuts vary from one Blender version to another. The shortcuts below are applicable to version 2.8 of Blender on Windows.

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Blender 2.8 Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet for Windows

Shift + AAdd object/node
X OR DeleteDelete
F3Search for function
R + X/Y/ZRotate along global axis
R + XX/YY/ZZRotate along local axis
Double press RFree rotate with trackball
Shift (hold)Precise movement
Ctrl (hold)Incremental movement
Shift + DDuplicate
Alt + DDuplicate linked
Alt + HUnhide all
Shift + HHide all except selected
D (hold) + ¹LMB (drag)Annotate
D (hold) + ¹RMB (drag)Erase annotation
QQuick favorites
Window Shortcuts
NProperties bar
Ctrl + SpaceMaximize area (but keep toolbar)
Ctrl + Alt + SpaceFullscreen area
Ctrl + Alt + QQuad view
Alt + ZToggle X-Ray view
NumPad 7Top view
NumPad 1Front view
NumPad 3Right view
Ctrl + NumPad 3Left view
NumPad ,Center selected
Shift + ^Walk navigation
Change Windows
Shift + F2Movie Clip
Shift + F3Nodes
Shift + F4Python Console
Shift + F53D Viewport
Shift + F6Graph
Shift + F7Properties
Shift + F8Video Sequencer
Shift + F9Outliner
Shift + F10UV/Image
Shift + F11Text
Shift + F12Dope Sheet
General Selections
ASelect all
Alt + A OR Double press ADeselect all
B OR ¹LMB (drag)Marquee box select
CCircle select
Ctrl + ¹RMBLasso select
Ctrl + iInvert selection
Shift + LSelect linked
Shift + GSelect similar
Alt + ¹LMBSelect from many
Shift + ¹MMBPan
Scroll OR Ctrl + ¹MMBZoom in/out
Shift + ~Fly
Object Mode
Ctrl + TabOpen pie menu
TabEdit OR Object mode toggle
Ctrl + M then X/Y/Z (OR ¹MMB(drag)Mirror
Ctrl + PSet parent (last selected)
Alt + PClear parent
Shift + TabToggle snapping
Alt + GReset position
Alt + RReset rotation
Alt + SReset scale
Ctrl + AApply location / scale / rotation
Ctrl + JJoin selected objects
Ctrl + LCopy attributes to new objects
Ctrl + 0/1/2/3/4/5Add subdivision level
Alt + BMask view to region OR Clear mask
Shift + CCenter 3D cursor
MMove active object to collection
Ctrl + Alt + NumPad 0Move active camera to view
Ctrl + NumPad 0Set as active camera
Selection in Edit Mode
Ctrl + LSelect connected mesh
LSelect connected mesh under cursor
Alt + ¹LMBSelect edge loop
Ctrl + Alt + ¹RMBSelect edge ring
1Vertex select mode
2Edge select mode
3Face select mode
Ctrl + Shift + MMirror current selection
Ctrl +/-Grow/Shrink image
Ctrl + EEdge crease
Curve Editing
E OR Ctrl + ¹RMBAdd new handle
VChange handle type
Ctrl + XDelete but maintain connection
Alt + CClose curve
Ctrl + TTilt
Alt + TClear tilt
Ctrl + BBevel
Ctrl + Shift + BBevel vertices
Ctrl + RLoopcut
G,GVertex/Edge Slide
FFill face
Ctrl + Shift + Alt + SShear
Shift + WBend
Alt + VRip fill
Alt + MMerge
Shift + NRecalculate normals
Ctrl + Shift + NInvert normals
OProportional editing on/off
Shift + OProportional falloff type
PSeparate to new object
Ctrl + EMark seam
UV Editor
L (under cursor) OR Ctrl + LSelect island
Shift + WWeld
Alt + PUnpin
Shift + PSelect pinned
Image Editor
NProperties, Scopes, Slots and Metadata
1 (NumPad)View at 100%
Shift + HomeView to fit
JNext render slot
Alt + JPrevious render slot
1-8Select render slot
Alt + SSave image
Shift + SSave image as
Image Editor (Paint)
Alt + NCreate new blank image
Alt + OOpen image
NBrush properties
FBrush size
Shift + FBrush strength
SSample color
XFlip brush colors
Ctrl + ¹RMB (drag)Cut connection
FConnect selected
Ctrl + XDelete selected but maintain connection
Ctrl + Shift + DDuplicate selected and maintain connection
MMute selected
Ctrl + GGroup selected
Ctrl + Alt + GUngroup selected
TabEnter/Exit group (Toggle)
Ctrl + JFrame selected nodes
Ctrl + HShow/Hide inactive nodes
Alt + ¹MMBMove backdrop
V / Alt + VZoom backdrop
NProperties and performance
Shift + SpaceBrush image
FBrush size
Shift + FBrush strength
Ctrl + FBrush angle
RAngle control
EStroke control
BMask (box)
MMask (brush)
Alt + MClear mask
Ctrl + iInvert mask
HHide (box)
Ctrl + F12Render animation
Ctrl + F11Playback rendered animation
Ctrl + BSet render region
Ctrl + Alt + BReset render region
Animation (General)
SpacePlay/Pause playback
Ctrl + Shift + SpaceReverse play
Alt + ScrollScroll through frames
Left/Right ArrowNext/Previous frame
Shift + Left/Right ArrowFirst/Last frame
Up/Down ArrowJump to keyframe
IAdd keyframe
Alt + iDelete keyframe
Animation (Dopesheet)
Ctrl + TabToggle Dopesheet
Ctrl + TToggle frames/seconds
Home OR NumPad .Zoom to fit active keyframes
TSet keyframe interpolation
VSet keyframe handle type
Shift + ESet keyframe extrapolation
Ctrl + MMirror keyframes
P then ¹LMB (drag)Set preview range
Ctrl + Alt + PAuto set preview range
Alt + PClear preview
Ctrl + MRename marker
Ctrl + BBind selected camera to selected marker
[ / ]Select keyframes before/after current frame
Ctrl + KSelect all keyframes on current frame
Graph Editor
Ctrl + ¹RMBAdd keyframe at cursor
NProperties and modifiers
TabLock selected channel
Rigging (Armatures)
EAdd new bone
Shift + DDuplicate bone
Shift + WBone settings
Ctrl + RRoll
Alt + RClear roll
Shift + NRecalculate roll
Ctrl + Alt + AAlign bone
Alt + FSwitch bone direction
Alt + MMerge bones
Ctrl + XDissolve bones
] and [Scroll hierarchy
Posing Mode
iAdd keyframe
Alt + GClear location
Alt + RClear rotation
Alt + SClear scale
Ctrl + AApply pose
Alt + PPropagate pose
Ctrl + EPush pose from breakdown
Alt + ERelax pose to breakdown
Shift + EPose Breakdowner tool
Ctrl + CCopy pose
¹LMB = Left Mouse Button

MMB = Middle Mouse Button

RMB = Right Mouse Button

Beyond 3D Modeling

Blender is used to create animated films, computer games, interactive apps, and more. With a combination of models created in Blender and 3D printing techniques, you can even create exciting new objects right at home!

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