Blekko: Search Web Effectively Using Super Handy Slashtags

MOin 08-11-2010

Search engines normally focus on automatically providing you with the latest and most relevant results. However they do not let you filter the results. Blekko, however, is one search engine that gives you a lot more control over the search results you see.


search the web effectively

Blekko is essentially a search engine. By default the results it displays are the latest and most relevant ones. But you can do your own filtration as well. The filtration is done via slashes in the query. For example, if you want to find humorous search results related to cats, your search query will be:

Cats /humor

Similarly if you want technology related results for cars, your query will be:

Cars / tech


Multiple slash tags are also allowed. This way you can arrange the technology results via date through the query:

Cars / tech / date

A complete list of available slash tags is provided on the site.

searching the web effectively

The results include a ‘Spam’ link; clicking on this link next to a result will declare it as spam and hide results from that particular site in the future.

To see how it works watch demo video below:


Check out Blekko @ [No Longer Available]

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