Can You Be a Bitcoin Billionaire? 5 Risk-Free Cryptocurrency Trading Simulators
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The bitcoin wave has swelled up higher than ever before, and everyone wants a piece of the action. But do you actually stand to make a profit or will you end up losing your money? These free simulators and games will help you learn about cryptocurrency and try your hand at it risk-free.

Cryptocurrency is similar to the stock market, and bitcoin is like a blue chip company. Obviously, there are big amounts of money involved and so you should tread with caution. Before you jump into the market, it’s smart to do a mock run and see how you would fare.

1. Bitcoin Mining Profit Calculator (Web): The Best Tutorial and Simulator

If you’re new to the world of cryptocurrency and bitcoin in particular, then this Bitcoin Mining Profit Calculator (BMPC) is where you should start. It’s a lot more than a simple trading simulator since it includes a full introduction to bitcoin as well.

bitcoin cryptocurrency trading simulators

The website works like an interactive fiction game 5 Great Interactive Fiction Games You Can Play Online Right Now 5 Great Interactive Fiction Games You Can Play Online Right Now Interested in the genre of text-based adventure games? Want to try playing a text-based game? Here are several you can find online right now! Read More . BMPC updates with new tabs and explanations as you click different prompts on the screen, thus making different choices. Don’t worry, you won’t miss out on any pertinent information, but it will make you aware of the kind of news that affects bitcoin’s prices as well as the inner workings of the bitcoin community.

BMPC is nothing great to look at and plays like a text adventure, but there’s nothing wrong with that. This is meant to be an educational game rather than an entertaining one.

2. Bitcoin Hero (Web, Android): No Signup and Risk-Free

For those who don’t need a tutorial in what cryptocurrency is and want to jump right in, Bitcoin Hero is excellent. The web app works fine on mobile screens as well, so you can enjoy the game without ever installing it.

bitcoin cryptocurrency trading simulators

It isn’t necessary to sign up for Bitcoin Hero, so you can actually use it as a live test ground for anyone. But if you want to track your progress over multiple sessions, you’ll need an account. You start with $10,000 in your wallet, with which you can buy or sell a few bitcoins. The game uses real, live Bitcoin markets so it’s akin to doing the real thing.

Bitcoin Hero isn’t restricted to bitcoins alone either. You can also use it for three popular bitcoin alternative cryptocurrencies 3 Bitcoin Alternatives Tested & Compared: Litecoin, Feathercoin, And Terracoin 3 Bitcoin Alternatives Tested & Compared: Litecoin, Feathercoin, And Terracoin Lately, I’ve been trying to earn some money by mining the Bitcoin alternatives, Litecoin, Feathercoin and Terracoin. After spending the entirety of last week attempting to get free money, I may have succeeded, to an... Read More , namely Ethereum, Litecoin, and Dash.

Download: Bitcoin Hero for Android (Free)

3. CoinMarketGame (Web): Real-Time Simulator for Major Cryptocurrencies

For a full-fledged simulator of all the major cryptocurrencies, you can’t do much better than CoinMarketGame. It does all the basics right to deliver an accurate experience of what it’s like to be a trader in this market.

bitcoin cryptocurrency trading simulators

Sign up for an account and buy currencies with the $20,000 you start off with. Spend it wisely by building a diverse portfolio, investing in popular ones like Ripple and Litecoin Better Than Bitcoin? 3 Crypto-Currencies That Aren't Just Copycats Better Than Bitcoin? 3 Crypto-Currencies That Aren't Just Copycats Not all crypto-currencies are equal though: here are 3 that I believe will have a future. Read More as well as the less-famous ones with potential high growth. As you track the market, make the right moves to grow your wealth as much as possible.

Check the leaderboard when you can to see how well others have been doing, and to learn from their moves. That’s right, since this is a simulator, you can check anyone else’s portfolio and find out how they traded their cryptocurrencies. The best way to learn, right?

4. Spark Profit (Android, iOS, Web): Can You Predict Market Fluctuations?

Spark Profit lets you see just how well you would do in the real world by using historical data to make you predict prices. It works with Bitcoin and Ethereum What Are the Differences Between Bitcoin and Ethereum? What Are the Differences Between Bitcoin and Ethereum? Bitcoin and Ethereum are the two major cryptocurrencies. But what are the major differences? Is one better than the other? Read More as well as Litecoin and several international stock markets.

bitcoin cryptocurrency trading simulators

Your goal is to win points. Estimate and set a profit price that you think the market will hit. Also, set a loss price while you’re at it. If the market touches the profit price, you will win points, but touching the loss price will make you lose points. Simple, right?

Spark Profit is a lot tougher than it sounds, and the much-needed reality check that early investors need. Before you invest a single dollar in cryptocurrencies, play this game and see how well you do. If you end up bankrupt, you’re better off putting your money back in your wallet.

Download: Spark Profit for Android (Free) | iOS (Free)

5. Bitcoin Flip (Android, iOS): Simple Cryptocurrency Trading Simulator for Phones

A proper mobile app is something better than a web app. Bitcoin Flip starts you off with $5,000 and the chance to trade them for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Ripple, and Monero. And it includes leveraging too What Is Bitcoin: The MakeUseOf BitCoin Guide What Is Bitcoin: The MakeUseOf BitCoin Guide Whether you just want to find out more about BitCoin or to actually use the currency, you'll want to check out "Virtual Currency: The BitCoin Guide", the latest manual from author Lachlan Roy. Read More .

bitcoin cryptocurrency trading simulators

Leveraging is similar to Spark Profit’s price predictions, in that you buy coins with a prediction of where they will end up. It’s a little complicated to elaborate in this article, so read this detailed explanation of leveraging before you start.

You should know that Bitcoin Flip has an annoying in-app purchase of one dollar for every $5,000 extra you want. I wouldn’t advise spending a single buck on fake money though.

Download: Bitcoin Flip for Android (Free) | iOS (Free)

What’s the Best Bitcoin Beginner’s Tip?

Trying out a mock market is a good first step, but at some point, you will need to dive in and get into the real thing. You’ll need to know why bitcoin is worth so much money Bitcoin Explained: Why Is It Worth So Much Money? Bitcoin Explained: Why Is It Worth So Much Money? Bitcoin is skyrocketing in value, but should you invest or is a crash coming? Let's look at what the future could hold for Bitcoin and its investors. Read More . And that’s when you can use a beginner’s tip from an experienced cryptocurrency investor.

Bitcoin holders, what do you recommend beginners should do?

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  1. SMoss
    January 21, 2018 at 9:43 pm

    My tip, do the opposite of what you "want" to do. Bitcoin spiked late last year and my wife bought some (tiny amount). When it crashed recently, I told her to buy more, yet she hesitated: I convinced her. We're in the green.

  2. dragonmouth
    January 20, 2018 at 6:30 pm

    Mihir, shame on you! Leading innocents to slaughter.

    "What’s the Best Bitcoin Beginner’s Tip?"
    Forget Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Invest the money in stocks of solid companies such as Berkshire-Hathaway, Huntington Ingalls Industries, Northrup Grumman, Lockheed Martin. You may not make money as fast but neither will you lose money. Cryptocurrencies make the dot com bubble look like child's play. Read about the Dutch Tulip Bubble of 1637 to see the future of investing in cryptocurrencies.

    "These free simulators and games will help you learn about cryptocurrency and try your hand at it risk-free."
    Yes, simulators and games will allow you to make $millions risk-free. That's like using Monopoly to learn how to invest in real estate. In real life, investing in cryptocurrencies or real estate or anything else ain't that simple or easy. In a game, the worst that can happen is that your ego gets bruised. In real life you can not only lose all you own but you can also go to jail for real.