Bingle: Search Bing and Google at the Same Time

MOin 03-07-2010

Bing and Google are my favorite search engines and I execute searches on both. For other Bing and Google loving people like me, Bingle was created.


As you can tell from the name, Bingle is Bing (+Goog)le. The site is a search engine tool to search bing and google at the same time. When you type in a search query on Bingle and “bingle” it, a webpage opens with Bing results in the left pane and Google results in the right pane.

search bing and google at the same time

google and bing combined

The results are separated in a distinguishable way. You can scroll each page separately. Not only does this feature work for simple web searches, but on Bingle’s homepage you can choose any search type (web, images, videos, maps, shopping, and news). Alternatively you can change the search type in the top left of the results page.

search google and bing at the same time



Check out Bingle @

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  1. Al
    August 9, 2010 at 6:41 am

    huh? WOW! this is an amazing idea! why hasn't anyone thought of this before??? wait...errr on 2nd thought, i'm going to hold out for, the search engine that dares you to find useful information with their 4 columns of tools, and 4 columns of search results.