Binge-Racing Is the Next Netflix Trend You Should Try

Anya Zhukova 01-03-2018

These days everyone knows about binge-watching. Which is when you watch lots of episodes of your favorite TV show in a row. Why do people choose binge-watching? Because it’s a cheap form of entertainment, it’s fun, and it should help relieve boredom.


There are some awesome YouTube channels worth binge-watching, but it’s streaming services such as Netflix that have turned binge-watching into a valid pastime. Binge-watching is now a mainstream activity. However, for those who want to try something new, we’ve got some good news.

Binge-racing is the “next big thing”.

What Is Binge-Racing?

Binge-watching was the hot new trend The A-Z of Netflix Shows You Should Binge-Watch Netflix has such a wide variety of shows available that we literally made an A-to-Z list of shows for you to binge-watch. Enjoy! Read More not so long ago. But for true television fans it’s simply not enough any more. So people are taking the concept one step further by committing to finishing shows within 24 hours of their releases.

You’re probably thinking that sounds insane.

How can you possibly finish an entire TV show in 24 hours? The truth is, you can’t, unless it’s a new show with not many episodes. But what you can do is speed through one season of a show as soon as it gets released on Netflix in your region. And that’s what binge-racing is all about.

binge racing trend netflix

So why do people do it and what’s wrong with binge-watching How Binge-Watching Is Damaging Your Health The rise of streaming services has helped make binge-watching TV a very popular pastime. Unfortunately, there are some potential negative health consequences to binge-watching TV. Read More ? Binge-racing brings a spirit of competition into the game. Binge-racers don’t just want to skim through the storylines, they want to be the fastest to do it. For them, the speed of watching is an achievement to be proud of. Similar to how some people speedrun their way through video games.

The Pros and Cons of Binge-Racing

If you have ever marathoned a show before, you probably know what’s good and bad about binge-watching The Pros and Cons of Binge-Watching Television With streaming services so popular, most people now binge-watch TV shows. Learn more about the pros and cons of binge-watching. Read More . Let’s take a closer look at binge-racing and discuss the pros and cons of this new phenomenon.

Pro: You Get a Show Watched Quickly

If you chose to binge-race a new show, you automatically guarantee only spending one day (and one night) on it and not an hour longer.

When you’re facing a choice between watching a great Netflix show or doing something productive, chances are you’ll go for the first option. And with the amount of great content available on Netflix, it becomes all too easy to keep choosing Netflix over work and procrastinate.

It might seem odd, but by choosing to take a break and watch the whole season in one go (and in under 24 hours) you’re choosing to be more productive. Rather than being distracted by this interesting show for weeks, you can get it over with quickly and get back to your normal schedule afterward.

Pro: You Don’t See Spoilers

We all have that one friend who spoils shows and movies on social media When Is It Okay to Post Spoilers on Social Media? Pitchforks at the ready! It's time to talk about spoilers. For a lot of people, they rank somewhere between Hitler and Ramsey Bolton on the evil-scale. Read More , even when they know you haven’t seen it yet.

It goes without saying that if you’re the first one to finish a new show, you no longer have to worry about spoilers. And if your friend turns out to be a binge-racer too, they’ll probably be a little too busy with their own Netflix deadlines and won’t have time to spoil things for you.

Con: It’s Easy to Miss Crucial Details

One obvious downside of speeding through new shows is that you risk missing the little things that might be crucial to the plot.

In order to avoid that, we recommend taking your binge-racing seriously, planning your sessions, and being fully prepared for them. Stock up on snacks and make sure you get plenty of sleep the night before. And of course, one sure way to avoid missing small details is to have a binge-racing buddy that you can discuss the show with when you’re finished.

Con: It Can Make You Less Social

Unfortunately, if you don’t find anyone who shares your passion for binge-racing, it might make you a little less social in the long run.

You’ll become that person who has already “seen it all”. Which means that while your friends are discussing the first few episodes of that new amazing show they’ve started, all you’ll be able to do is nod and smile as you don’t want to spoil any important plot twists for them.

binge racing trend netflix

However, if you do happen to find yourself a binge-racing buddy, it’s hard to imagine an experience more fulfilling. Being stuck on that same couch together for 24 hours is a great chance to bond. As long as you both have the same policies about talking while watching TV.

Why Become a Binge-Racer?

First of all, “binge-racer” is a badass name. If you’re already a fan of binge-watching, why not take it one stage further?

Second, binge-racing is perfect if you want to watch more Netflix Originals 10 Awesome Netflix Originals You've Probably Never Heard Of Alongside the headline-making shows such as House of Cards and Stranger Things, there are countless Netflix originals that may have passed you by. Read More and can’t afford to spend too much time on them. Binge-racing will help you bring more organization into your watching habits. You’ll have to be aware of new shows prior to their release. And you’ll probably have to plan every single session of binge-racing in advance.

And of course, you get to be a part of a new (growing) trend which everyone will probably be doing in the future. Especially when the robots take our jobs and leave us with more free time.

How to Find the Best Netflix Shows to Binge-Race

According to Netflix, in the past four years, the number of binge-racers all over the world has grown from 200,000 people to more than 8 million. Netflix has also released a list of the shows people like to binge-race.

In 2017, the top 10 binge-raced shows included Gilmore Girls, The Defenders, and Stranger Things. Which is slightly different than the list of shows people like to binge-watch first.

binge racing trend netflix

If you decide to jump on the bandwagon and become a binge-racer, you just need to find the right show to kickstart your habit. Binge-racing is all about watching a whole series as soon as it drops, so your best bet is to keep an eye on shows coming soon to Netflix.

However, if there’s a show you’re keen to binge-race that has already aired, you can always watch a previous season over a weekend and still consider yourself a binge-racer.

Ready, Set, Binge!

Have we managed to get you excited about this new television trend? Now that you know what binge-racing is and why you should consider trying it, the only thing left is to pick a show to watch.

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