BigAssMessage: Get Attention By Sending Full Screen Messages
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Getting your message across to hard-headed, insensitive people can be pretty tough especially when you have to do it online. The best way to let them know what you mean is to get their attention first. BigAssMessage helps us with that by letting you create a message with big, catchy, if not intimidating fonts that you can easily send to others.

get attention

To start, just type your message and select a style. You can choose between Basic, Magic, Pepsi, and JPRDY. Then you can preview or save the message. Once done, just click and copy the URL and send the link to your friend.

This fun tool is intended to catch the attention of your friends. People who are constantly online typically develop a shorter attention span, so this is very useful to get your message across with much of a fuss.

get attention


  • Free; no sign up required.
  • Send a big forceful message to your friends.
  • Preview and save your message.
  • Send the URL to your friends so that they can see your message.

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