Beware of Technology! The Best Horror Films for Geeks

Dave LeClair 21-10-2015

The thing that makes horror movies really scary is when you actually feel like what’s happening in the movie could happen to you. We all use technology, so there’s potentially nothing scarier than when tech decides to kill us.


What better way to get your Halloween frights than with these terrifying movies where the technology is the biggest threat? After watching these films, you’ll be afraid of TVs, cellphones, computers, spaceships, and all kinds of technology. So much so that you might just find yourself choosing to live the simple life.


It’s hard to find a horror movie more into technology than this one. It literally starts off with a screen capture of a character watching a YouTube video, and it then shows all of the characters making Skype calls How To Make Skype Calls Via Your Browser If you hate opening up apps you've probably realised that Skype is one of those things you generally forget to open. Well, you can get Skype in your browser. Read More while using Apple Messages and Facebook. And it stays that way for the whole movie, which is something you just don’t see in today’s world of CG (Computer Graphics) and special effects.

While not the best movie you’ll see this year, it’s an interesting film, and it’s definitely different than anything else out there in the wide world of horror flicks.

Of course, there’s a reason the characters are using all of these social networks and services, and that makes sense as the film goes along. After watching Unfriended, the next time you get a message from some random stranger online, you just might think twice about answering it.

The Ring

The Ring is easily one of my favorite horror movies. It’s about a VHS tape that causes you to die when you watch it. It’s based on the Japanese film Ringu, and while that version is a little scarier than the U.S. release, this one will still send shivers down your spine.


Sure, you probably won’t find a random VHS tape How To Convert Your VHS Video Tapes to DVD's using PC Read More sitting around any more, but you might find a thumb drive, DVD, or even a smartphone that could play a video that somehow leads to your untimely demise.

Next time you sit down in front of the TV to watch something, if you see a creepy looking girl crawling towards the screen, I’d highly advise you to get up and calmly run out of the room screaming your head off.

Event Horizon

This movie is a classic when it comes to technology and horror. Heck, it’s a classic in terms of horror in general, and it sits squarely on the list of must-see movies for anyone who is a fan of the genre.

It starts out like a standard sci-fi flick, with a distress call from the starship known as the Event Horizon, leading our cast of characters to investigate. From there, it shifts from being pure science fiction to being future technology-fueled horror movie, and it’s definitely one that will scare you.


There’s something really twisted about taking a movie that feels like it should be in one genre and mashing it into another. It leaves you feeling uneasy, and who knows, it might just make you distrust every other sci-fi film you watch. Star Trek might not seem so innocent after watching Event Horizon.

One Missed Call

Have you ever received a weird call on your cellphone SMS Replier: Replies To Missed Calls While You Are Busy [Android] Read More ? Have you ever received a call from your own phone number? It’s creepy, and it’s hard not to feel a little uncomfortable when it happens. Sure, you know it’s probably just a telemarketer using a call spoofer, but what if it’s something more sinister?

That’s what the plot of One Missed Call is all about. When people get a certain call, they get killed. That leads our main character to investigate, as she’s next on the list. In a lot of ways, the plot is similar to The Ring, but it takes some interesting twists, and while it’s not exactly the best movie I’ve ever seen, it’s definitely creepy, and it hits home thanks to us all owning phones.


Technically, this is more of a thriller than a horror movie, but it’s still quite creepy, and it features many of the tropes that you’d expect to see from a horror movie. Basically, the plot is that a serial killer sets up webcams viewing his victims and broadcasts it to the Internet. The more people who watch the video, the sooner the killer ends their lives.


It’s made to look like torture-porn in places, so in spite of not being a true horror flick, it definitely feels like one.

Some film critics 5 YouTube Channels for Must-See Movie Reviews The majority of us like watching movies. Sure, the genres we love differ, but there's still little better than losing yourself in a different world packed with a story, a setting, and characters for a... Read More love this movie, some hate it. Personally, I’d rate it as “average,” but the premise is interesting, and it did make me feel uneasy on several occasions, and that’s really all you can ask for from a movie meant to be watched around Halloween. Check it out for yourself, and next time you see a weird video online, think about what could be connected to the other side.

Stay Alive

As MakeUseOf’s Gaming Editor, this is a movie that certainly hits home for me, as it’s about a killer video game. It’s all about a Resident Evil-like survival horror game where the characters die in real life in the same way they do in the game.

Everyone remembers that terrifying shot in the first Resident Evil game where the zombie slowly turns around and looks at the camera with a blood-covered face. Now imagine that zombie popping out of the game and into the real world. That’s basically what this film is all about.


I’m not going to sugar coat it, this is not a very good movie. However, it still has a lot of entertainment value. In fact, it’s arguably so bad that it’s actually good. It might make you think twice before you pop in your copy of Resident Evil or Amnesia.

There are a lot of scary video games Scares On The Cheap! Modern Horror Games Under $20 If games at full retail price are a little too scary for your wallet, have no fear! Many great horror games can be found for less than $20. Read More out there, and they’ll be quite a bit more terrifying after you sit through Stay Alive. If you can sit through the whole thing, obviously.

Technology Is Scary!

After watching these horror flicks, you might just find that you have a whole new fear of technology. That innocent computer on which you’re reading this article might just be the scariest thing you’ve ever seen. Especially when it morphs into your worst nightmare.

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    hey how do I downvote a comment for not fitting with the subject matter?

  2. Anonymous
    October 22, 2015 at 3:47 pm

    I just don't understand the idea of watching horror films (isn't real life scary enough? If you don't think so, you haven't read the manual properly...).

    So I can't comment about horror films. But if you would like to know which film arouses a chilled horror of technology in me, it's 'The Net'. When the film starts I'm completely taken with the life the Sandra Bullock character is leading: a life spent at home, just you and your computer and the cyberworld? Yes, please (actually, come to think of it...). Then it all goes seriously pear-shaped and the lead character ends up, after realising that her privacy is violated and every move and thought is being monitored and pre-empted, cracking people's heads open with a fire extinguisher. (Isn't it amazing how, in film after film, completely geeky and attached-to-my-computer-with-an-umbilical-cord types have absolutely no problem in springing instantly into extreme physical action when required?) Then she ends up with her mentally ill mother living with her in her flat (now that is a nightmare, even without the mentally ill bit...).

    Who needs horror films - this is a real nightmare.

    • Dravina
      April 12, 2016 at 6:20 pm

      then why are you commenting if you don't understand nor like the horror genre?