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Beware New Spyware, Jolla Tablet Hits Funding Goal, & More… [Tech News Digest]

Dave Parrack 24-11-2014

Also, Chromebook owners get free cloud storage, Eminem releases Shady Classics mixtape, Cortana mocks Siri, and what computer hacking looked like in the 1990s.


Sophisticated Regin Malware Discovered

Symantec has discovered a nasty new piece of malware [Broken URL Removed] [PDF link] which has been used for at least six years on various targets around the world. Regin, which is being classified along the same lines as Stuxnet and Duqu, is a sophisticated piece of spyware used as a surveillance tool against government organizations, private businesses, and individual citizens.

The origins of Regin are still unknown, but because of the high level of sophistication, it’s thought to have been developed by a nation state over “months, if not years.” Most of the victims targeted by Regin were based in Russia, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, and Ireland.

Regin can be used to install a large number of customized payloads, all of which are concerned with collecting information on the targeted computers. It was most active between 2008 and 2011, but a decommissioned version has been spotted in the wild more recently. In other words, remain vigilant 10 Steps To Take When You Discover Malware On Your Computer We would like to think that the Internet is a safe place to spend our time (cough), but we all know there are risks around every corner. Email, social media, malicious websites that have worked... Read More !

Jolla Tablet Hits $1 Million On Indiegogo

The Jolla Tablet, the first offering from the Finnish startup formed by former Nokia employees, has been successfully funded on Indiegogo. Jolla was seeking $380,000 for the 8-inch tablet, but has already raised over $1 million.

What separates the Jolla Tablet from the competition is the new Sailfish operating system NSA Porn, CyanogenMod Ban, Jolla Smartphone, Microsoft Sexism [Tech News Digest] NSA watches porn, Bitcoin valued at $1,000, Google Street View for airports & stations, CyanagenMod Installer banned, F-Secure KEY launched to manage passwords, new Jolla smartphone, Twitter security, and Microsoft Xbox One sexism. Read More , which runs Android apps under its own unique UI. The hardware also has solid specs: a quad-core processor, 32GB internal storage, 2GB of RAM, and a 5-megapixel rear camera.


The Jolla Tablet will eventually go on sale for $249, but Indiegogo backers can get it for $209. With 16 days left before the campaign ends, Jolla could end up raising several million dollars. Which isn’t bad for a company formed by ex-Nokia nobodies.

Buy A Chromebook, Get 1TB Cloud Storage

If you buy a Chromebook Looking For A New Laptop? Get A Chromebook Instead! Read More between now and the end of the year, Google will give you 1TB of Google Drive storage free for two years. With new Chromebooks available from just $199, and two years of 1TB of Google Drive storage worth $240, this essentially means you’re getting the Chromebook for free. Which is astonishing. The offer ends on Dec. 31, 2014.

Microsoft Ad Sees Cortana Mocking Siri

Microsoft has released the latest in its line of adverts attacking Apple. The victim in this case is poor old Siri, who takes a lambasting over getting noticeably bigger but no better (thanks to the iPhone 6 Plus iPhone 6 Plus Review and Giveaway The 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus is Apple's latest and perhaps strangest addition to its range of tablets and smartphones. Read More ). And then there’s the obligatory fat joke about us all getting bloated over the holidays. MegaLOLz! Ahem.

While Cortana is brilliant Geek Humor Included! Meet Cortana, Windows Phone 8.1 Digital Assistant Cortana is the best reason to upgrade your Windows Phone early. Microsoft's answer to Siri offers great features and will make you laugh. Read More , and just one of several reasons to consider switching to Windows Phone Why You Should Consider Switching To Windows Phone [Opinion] I want Windows Phone to succeed. The problem is persuading you Apple fanboys and Google droids to give Windows Phone a chance. Read More , this seems a little unfair, as Siri did get some new features with the arrival of iOS 8 iOS 8 Is Here: 10 Reasons to Install It Right Away If you own an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, you'll want to upgrade it to iOS 8 as soon as possible. Here's why. Read More . Still, the ad leaves a lasting impression, which is the whole point of a 30-second TV spot.


Eminem Releases Shady Classics Mixtape

Eminem’s record label Shady Records has released a free mixtape 5 Simple Steps To Making a Perfect Mixtape Anyone reading these words will likely belong to one of two groups of people: those who love music mixtapes, and those who haven't a clue what one is. This article is aimed at both groups,... Read More containing 66 tracks from the label’s archive. Shady Classics, as put together by DJ Whoo Kid, features Eminem, 50 Cent, D12, Lloyd Banks, and others. It can be streamed or downloaded now from

Hacking Computers In The 90s Supercut

And finally, this supercut video, featuring a host of clips from various movies from the 1990s, shows how computer hacking has always been misunderstood and misrepresented. Sadly, things haven’t got much better in recent years, as Hollywood still struggles to grasp the nuances of technology 10 Hilarious Videos That Show TV & Movies Failing To Understand Technology Time and time again, television shows and films have fallen flat on their faces when it comes to understanding technology, and the results make for great entertainment. Think of this as a “greatest hits” list... Read More .

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Are you worried by the sophistication of the Regin malware? Are you interested in the Jolla Tablet? What is the biggest misrepresentation of computer hacking you have ever seen?

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