BetterDesktopTool: Adds Expose & Spaces-Like Features For Windows

Azim Toktosunov 04-05-2013

It is a normal thing when you have many overlapping windows on a Windows desktop computer. You can switch between windows by opening them one by one with your mouse or by using the “Alt+Tab” key combination. However, when there are too many active windows it becomes harder to manage them with each new open window. That’s where BetterDesktopTool comes in. It makes the whole process of managing active windows and your desktop much more efficient and productive. It brings features like Expose and Spaces found on Max OSX to the Windows platform.


Instead of making you switch between windows, it displays all the windows in a single overview without overlapping them. Windows are displayed whether they are maximized or minimized and you can bring any window to the front from the view with a click.

spaces like features for windows

Another useful feature is Virtual Desktops. It lets you activate up to 64 virtual desktops on your system. It is a useful feature when you have too many open windows on your desktop but don’t have the time to close them, or you want to maintain different desktops for different sets of tasks – personal, office, news, etc. With Virtual Desktops you simply open a new fresh desktop with no active windows.

You can easily zoom in out and out of these desktops, which are displayed on a grid. Each new desktop opens with the same icons layout but without the active windows.You can move windows between virtual desktops or assign global windows that will appear in every virtual desktop by default.



The software makes a heavy use of keyboard shortcuts and hot-corners for all functions. You can assign a shortcut to any function to make your desktop management even faster. With hot-corners, you simply point your mouse into a select corner to perform a specific function – show all windows (top left corner), show virtual desktops (top right corner), show desktop (bottom right corner), etc.



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