The Best YouTube Gaming Alternatives for Gamers

Shubham Agarwal 18-06-2019

YouTube Gaming is no more, with YouTube having shut down its standalone entity for gaming. To make matters worse, not all of YouTube Gaming’s features have made it across to the main YouTube app. Here are the best YouTube Gaming alternatives for gamers.


What Happened to YouTube Gaming?

In 2015, YouTube launched YouTube Gaming to compete with Twitch. It was a dedicated site and app for both streaming and discovering gaming videos. YouTube Gaming had special tools to attract professional gamers, and the viewers who watch their videos.

In May 2019, Google killed YouTube Gaming Google Kills the YouTube Gaming App The YouTube Gaming app is no more. Instead, YouTube Gaming is being incorporated into YouTube itself. Read More . This wasn’t because YouTube Gaming failed to garner the amount of engagement Google was hoping for. On the contrary, gaming has grown into one of YouTube’s most active verticals.

Ryan Wyatt, YouTube’s Director of Gaming Content and Partnerships, tried to explain the decision, saying, “We have 200 million people that are logged in, watching gaming content every single day and the majority of them, quite frankly, are just not using the YouTube Gaming app for their gaming experiences.”

Therefore, it no longer made sense for YouTube to ask its users to visit a separate app for watching or streaming gaming content. Which is why YouTube is incorporating YouTube Gaming’s best features on its main app and site.

The New Gaming Section on YouTube

Gaming section on YouTube


YouTube has already added a new dedicated gaming destination. Here, you’ll find gaming videos, live streams, YouTube Original shows, and more. YouTube also indexes the catalog by games and ranks them based on what everyone is watching.

You can either subscribe to YouTube’s new Gaming channel, browse it from your recommendations, or bookmark YouTube.com/Gaming. Plus, YouTube has retained the Live Now button which plays a random stream its algorithms think you might enjoy.

Not every YouTube Gaming feature has made its way to YouTube yet though. And if you’ve been using YouTube Gaming, the new vertical could feel a little limiting. Thankfully, there are a host of other apps you can turn to for your gaming needs. So here are the best YouTube Gaming alternatives for gamers…

1. Omlet Arcade

Omlet Arcade is a social platform for mobile game streamers and enthusiasts. You can watch live streams, follow players, chat with them, and stream your gameplay.


While Omlet Arcade isn’t a full-fledged video streaming service, it does let you broadcast to YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook. If you’re a premium subscriber, you can stream on multiple sites at the same time. The app can overlay a live feed from your front-facing camera too.

Omlet Arcade can stream anything on your screen and that doesn’t necessarily have to be a game either. You can use Omlet Arcade as a screen recorder and publish the videos later. Since it’s a social network, you can post text or image updates as well. Omlet Arcade holds regular challenges in which you can participate with a squad.

Download: Omlet Arcade for Android | iOS (Free, premium subscription available)

2. Streamlabs

Streamlabs stream mobile games Android


Streamlabs is exclusively for streaming your phone’s screen or yourself to several platforms. The app features a straightforward interface which allows you to quickly get your feed up and running. It supports most of the streaming services including YouTube, Twitch, and Mixer.

In addition, Streamlabs comes all the advanced settings you could ever need. You can tweak the video resolution, the white balance or focus, the bitrate, and more.

Streamlabs also lets you customize the widgets on your broadcast. For instance, you can add a window for comments or a donation ticker. There’s a comprehensive editor by which you can precisely personalize the feed and place these widgets. Other than widgets, you have the option to display any text or image.

You have special settings for each streaming platform and you can add tags to your videos. If you’re employing Streamlabs’ desktop utility, you can even turn your phone into a remote.


Download: Streamlabs for Android | iOS (Free, premium upgrade available)

3. WeGamers

WeGamers is a broadcasting platform and community for gamers. Its highlight is the reward system. Depending on how active you are on the app, WeGamers rewards you with in-app goodies such as virtual coins.

Apart from being a social network, WeGamers allows you to discover new games and connect with other streamers. You can live stream yourself or submit posts in the form of videos, images, or just text. WeGamers enables you to adjust the frame and bit rates.

Unfortunately, WeGamers doesn’t support third-party streaming sites like YouTube and restricts you to its proprietary service. With WeGamers, you can reach out to gamers in your surrounding area. However, you will have to grant access to your phone’s location. There’s also a section for learning tips and tricks for your favorite games. On top of that, you can join chatrooms to ask questions or interact with new gamers.

Download: WeGamers for Android | iOS (Free)

4. Mixer and Mixer Create

Mixer, the Microsoft-owned platform, offers two apps to watch as well as stream video games.

The Mixer Create app is built for live streaming mobile games. It houses a host of features so that you can easily broadcast your phone’s screen and yourself. The app is also a hassle-free way to manage your Mixer profile and edit personal details such as your gamertag.

When enabled, Mixer Create overlays your display with a toolbar you can use to instantly jump into a stream or perform one of the available quick actions. You can pull up the interactive chat, flip cameras, switch off the mic, and more.

Mixer’s primary app is for watching streams and chatting with gamers. You can subscribe to the games you like and take part in live contests. Mixer is not limited to mobile games and is home to players from nearly all platforms, including Xbox and PC.

Download: Mixer for Android | iOS (Free)

Download: Mixer Create for Android | iOS (Free)

Build a Live Streaming Audience Like a Pro

As viewership for gaming content continues to rise, there’s no shortage of platforms you can sign up to for broadcasting your gameplay or watching other streams.

We suspect Google will eventually update the main YouTube app with live streaming tools, but in the meantime these YouTube Gaming alternatives should serve you well.

If you’re just starting out streaming games online, here are some tips for building an audience for your live streaming channel 10 Tips for Building an Audience for Your Live Streaming Channel Building a live streaming audience can be tricky. Here are some live streaming tips to maximize your chance of success. Read More .

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