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The 8 Best YouTube Channels for Kids to Watch

Christian Cawley 16-10-2019

Do you need to entertain and inform your children, but want to avoid the trash on TV? Then YouTube is the answer. If you want a blend of informative and entertaining programming, here are the best YouTube channels for kids. All of which are suitable for younger children.

1. Bounce Patrol

Described as “Catchy kids songs and nursery rhymes to get children up and bouncing,” Bounce Patrol is one of the best YouTube channels for kids to learn colors, animals, numbers, alphabet and more.

Five presenters, Jacinta, Will, Jackson, Alyssa and Rachel, accompany children through dancing and singing as they learn. This is a fun, colorful show aimed at preschool and kindergarten children, and is guaranteed to entertain and educate in equal measure.

There’s certainly enough here to get your kids up and bouncing first thing after their nap.

2. Peppa Pig

There’s a very good chance that you’ve heard of Peppa Pig. Broadcast in 170 countries, the adventures of the titular pig, her family, and their friends and neighbors have thrilled children since its launch in 2000.

Whether it’s George uttering his single word (dinosaur!) or the athleticism of the overweight Daddy Pig, the show is jam-packed with colorful characters. Peppa herself is a slightly knowing voice in proceedings but most episodes compensate for this by throwing the Pig family into their happy space: jumping up and down in muddy puddles.

Look out for Miss Rabbit, who as one of many running jokes, has several jobs she appears to do simultaneously. If your little ones like Peppa Pig a lot, the channel features a “live” feed that plays endless episodes all day long.

3. Art for Kids Hub

A family-targeted YouTube channel hosted by a family, Art for Kids Hub features a wonderful collection of videos demonstrating how simple art can be. The usual format is one adult accompanied by one of three children, one younger, one aged 11-12, and the other one older.

This affords a wealth of content options, with projects covering everything from colorful messes to expertly drawn haunted houses.

You’ll find the parents are knowledgeable and personable hosts. Thanks to an overhead camera, kids can watch as each art project is completed, and even copy along at home.

4. Mr Bean: The Animated Series

You probably didn’t realize it, but just 15 live action episodes of Mr Bean were made. The last episode was recorded in 1995, but since then the Rowan Atkinson-voiced animated Mr Bean series has taken the reins.

With a massive 130 episodes of hilarious misadventures, Mr Bean suits the animated adventure format. Little ones absolutely adore Bean and his relationship with Teddy. These days, he has a fearsome landlady, Mrs. Wicket, accompanied by a sinister cat, Scrapper. It’s reassuring to know that Atkinson records voice parts for each episode, helping to keep it fresh.

The Mr Bean channel on YouTube is one of the most generous, with so much free (and occasionally original) content. Like Peppa Pig, there’s a Mr Bean Animated Series feed on the YouTube channel that plays videos all day long.

5. Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom

From the same stable as Peppa Pig, Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom features many of the same voice artists. This time around, however, the roles are very different.

Ben Elf and Fairy Princess Holly are best friends, running into problems caused by their families and differing cultures. Most events are complicated further by Nanny Plum and the Wise Old Elf, who (like Miss Rabbit in Peppa Pig) is a dab hand at all trades.

Peppered with dry humor that parents will appreciate, Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom is guaranteed to keep little ones quiet.

Watch out for the Wise Old Elf, played by veteran voice actor David Graham. You may recognize his voice from Peppa Pig (Grandpa Pig) as well as classic shows like Thunderbirds (he voiced Parker) and Doctor Who (various Daleks).

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6. Nature Play Kids

Most of what little children watch on TV is either studio-bound or animated. Nature Play Kids is different. Here, the action takes place outdoors, with small children exploring nature.

Kids love exploring woods, country parks, even allotments and flower beds. But if you’re trapped in the city and want your children to appreciate the wonder of nature, things can be tough. Nature Play Kids provides an on-screen alternative.

A vast collection of videos will reveal the fun and intrigue of exploring woodlands, meeting creepy crawlies, getting mucky, and interacting with animals.

The mission statement here is clear: “kids playing in nature, rather than with toys.” So if you want your offspring to gain some appreciation of the outdoors, Nature Play Kids is perfect!

7. In the Night Garden

Narrated by Shakespearean actor Sir Derek Jacobi, In the Night Garden stars characters Iggle Piggle and Upsy Daisy. Your kids will also encounter Macca Pacca, the Tombliboos, and many other unusual creatures.

Everyone lives in a large wooded garden—the “Night Garden” of the title—and episodes include a lot of repetition. Aimed at preschoolers, it feels as though every episode of In the Night Garden is the same. In truth, they’re not, but the familiarity is welcomed by little ones, as are the songs.

A dark thought for parents… There’s a chance that each episode is the result of a fevered dream experienced by an adult Iggle Piggle, set adrift upon the ocean. Just watch those opening titles and tell me I’m wrong.

8. Mother Goose Club Playhouse

Many people complain that children don’t get the chance to learn and enjoy traditional childhood experiences, like nursery rhymes.

Swooping to the rescue is the Mother Goose Club Playhouse, a fantastic YouTube channel for younger children. Featuring excellent renditions of nursery rhymes and sketch-like storytelling sections, this channel features older children teaching younger ones.

All of the old favorites can be found on Mother Goose Club Playhouse, and the channel has its own website at www.mothergooseclub.com. This ties in nicely with the YouTube channel, with more fun stuff including crafting activities and printables.

The Best YouTube Channels for Kids Inform and Entertain

With these YouTube channels for kids you should be able to educate and entertain your little ones through the medium of television. However, don’t leave your kids unattended, as they may want to ask you questions about what they’re watching.

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  1. BOEY Bear - Safe, Wholesome & Happy Learning
    October 22, 2019 at 10:14 am

    Hi Christian, thank you, this is a great list of channels for kids. I know of the bigger ones but I haven't come across Nature Play and Art Hub channels before. They look brilliant and I shall be showing them to my own kids today! I own a channel called "BOEY Bear", I would love it if you would take a look and see what you make of it. It's an antidote to toy review channels that I personally don't find educational enough for my children, however much they might love watching toys!