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The 8 Best Wireless Earbuds for All Budgets

Dan Price Updated 13-12-2019

Wireless earbuds and earphones are becoming increasingly common. Mobile manufacturers’ insistence on stripping away headphone jacks has played a significant role in the rise of their popularity, but there’s no denying that they’re here to stay.


So if you’re in the market for some new wireless earbuds, which ones should you choose? Keep reading to find the best wireless earbuds available today.

1. Best Wireless Earbuds for Noise Cancelling:
Bose QuietControl 30

Bose QuietControl 30 Bose QuietControl 30 Buy Now On Amazon $119.99

Bose has been one of the leading names in the headphone sector for years, so it’ll be no surprise to learn that the company offers one of the best noise-canceling wireless earbud headphones available—the Bose QuietControl 30. Because they offer noise-canceling capabilities, the earbuds come with a neckband. It’s where all the clever technology lives. The buds also come with a mobile app.

This allows you to tweak the level of noise-cancellation to suit your environment. The feature is useful if you’re wearing them in public and need to keep one ear on traffic and other dangers. Expect the battery to last for around ten hours. The most significant drawback is the microphone quality. The audio is not as clear as rival brands’ models, meaning people who want to use their earbuds for lots of phone conversations should look elsewhere.

2. Best Wireless Earbuds for Making Phone Calls:
Sennheiser HD1

Sennheiser HD1 Sennheiser HD1 Buy Now On Amazon $64.99


Not everyone wants earbuds for listening to music. If you spend a lot of time on the phone, you might prefer to buy a pair of earphones instead. If you’re looking for the best earphones for making phone calls, you need to make sure to purchase a pair with a high-quality microphone. In truth, there’s only one model worth considering: Sennheiser HD1. They don’t come cheap; you can expect to pay north of $200.

But they do come equipped with an incredible microphone and an earpiece that can deliver 15Hz-22KHz and powerful bass. The design features an inline remote below the left earpiece. You can use it to adjust the volume, skip songs, and answer phone calls. This model’s battery lasts for about six hours. On the downside, the neckband is not rubberized, meaning you will have annoying loose cables behind your head.

3. Best Cheap Wireless Earbuds:
Aleola Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds

Aleola Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds Aleola Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds Buy Now On Amazon $32.19

The Aleola Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds are one of the cheapest wireless earbud models you’ll find. You should be able to pick them up for less than $40. But don’t let the low price fool you. For the money, you won’t be able to find a better-sounding pair of buds. The sound is clear and crisp, though the bass could be better.


Nonetheless, if you enjoy less bass-intensive music like folk and rock, these will be ideal. For the money, you get 66 feet of Bluetooth range, six hours of battery life (for both music playback and phone calls), 200 hours of standby, and a charging case.

4. Best Wireless Earbuds for Under $100:
Linner NC50

Linner NC50 Linner NC50 Buy Now On Amazon

The Linner NC50 wireless earbuds are a step up from the entry-level Aleola model, but they are still available for sub-$100. These earbuds are almost every bit as good as some of the more well-known models. Sure, the quality of the noise-cancellation isn’t quite as high as products from Bose, but they’ll be more than adequate in all but the noisiest environments.

Battery life is also more impressive than some of the other buds we’ve looked at. You can expect to get around 13 hours out of a charge. The earbuds offer some of the best bass out of the six models we have discussed. On the other end of the scale, you might find that the treble sounds a touch tinny. The Linner NC50 buds use a behind-the-neck design, with the ANC processor located in a small box below each ear.


5. Best Wireless Earbuds for Sport:
Sennheiser CX Sport

Sennheiser CX Sport Sennheiser CX Sport Buy Now On Amazon $99.00

Sportspeople need a particular type of wireless earbud. It needs to be secure in your ear, sweat and splash resistant, and it needs to charge quickly so you can maintain your music-inspired performance levels. The Sennheiser CX Sport will provide you with an hour of playback off just 10 minutes of charging.

You can charge it in the locker room and get enough juice to last throughout your workout or match. The thin strap means you can wear them behind or in front of your neck. And there’s an inline remote so you can skip songs or change the volume without slowing down.

6. Alternative Earbuds for Sport:
Bose SoundSport Free

Bose SoundSport Free Bose SoundSport Free Buy Now On Amazon $114.95


We’ve already touched on one pair of sports wireless earbuds in the Sennheiser model. However, if you’re looking to spend top money on a premium model, the Bose SoundSport Free buds are the pair you need to consider. They are truly wireless, meaning there’s no neck strap. They also offer one of the most comfortable and secure in-ear fits out of all the buds we’ve looked at in this list.

The snug fit is down to the wingtips; the tips hook into your outer ear to help hold the bud in place. And even if your bud does become dislodged and fall out while you’re exercising, you should find it quickly thanks to Bose’s Find My Headphones feature.

From a sporting standpoint, you will find an activity monitor, heart rate monitor, and an IPX4 waterproof rating (meaning the earbuds are resistant to splashes but not submersion). Finally, sound-wise, you can expect to hear lots of well-defined treble and mid-range tones, but the bass is a little light.

7. Best for Fashion-Conscious Listeners:
BeatsX Wireless Earphones

BeatsX BeatsX Buy Now On Amazon $79.99

Beats headphones might not offer the same sound quality as some of the other premium manufacturers, but if following hot trends are just as important to you, it will be hard to find a better product than the BeatsX earbuds. You’ll see them in sports stars, celebrities, and on catwalks around the world.

Best of all, unlike the over-ear models, the BeatsX earbuds won’t break the bank. The earbuds offer eight hours of battery life (with two hours off a single five-minute charge), support for Siri, a flexible neckstrap, and Apple’s revered W1 chip.

8. Best Mid-Range Wireless Headphones:
Bose SoundSport

Bose SoundSport Bose SoundSport Buy Now On Amazon $74.99

We end with the Bose SoundSport. If you want premium sound without hitting the three-figure price tag, they are worth investigating more closely.

The earbuds boast Bose Active EQ, Bluetooth and NFC pairing, a proprietary ear tip that helps to keep the buds in place throughout the day, and six hours of battery life off a single charge.

The Best Wireless Earbuds for You

It’s impossible to say which of these will be the best wireless earbuds for you. It all depends on the situations in which you plan to use your earbuds and how much money you’re willing to spend.

If these earbuds don’t fulfill your needs, you might find what you’re looking for in some of our other headphone buying guides. We’ve covered the best wired headphones The Best Wired Headphones 2019 Looking for the best wired headphones? Here are our favorite options, ranging from ultra-budget to high-end! Read More and the best noise-canceling headphones for students The 6 Best Cheap Noise-Canceling Headphones That Are Affordable Here are the best cheap noise-canceling headphones you can buy at a decent price. Perfect for students! Read More . And for louder sound, maybe check out some Bluetooth speakers The 4 Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers Looking for the best portable Bluetooth speakers? We have you covered with options for every budget and need. Read More .

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  1. Christopher Fisher
    December 13, 2019 at 4:18 pm

    Thanks for suggestions, anymore latest now?

  2. jose welchboys
    October 12, 2018 at 6:47 pm

    went I check the links for the 2 products with no mic the amazon description says they have a mic. Even the little smartomi has a phone logo printed on them. oh well back to square one.

  3. jose welchboys
    October 12, 2018 at 6:36 pm

    I am so glad I found this article. I NEED a pair of wireless headphones now that I got an Xs phone. and i desperately need it to NOT have a mic. Reason being, wghen i pracitce drums alone while listening to music, headsets with mics pick up the drums and then the music gets softer or stutters, then i lose my place and it is super frustrating. I tried severl none work, now the ones without a mic worked as they should ( yip i know the phone itself has a mic but thats not the problem is the head phones mic)

    So what this article sees as a "Cons" I see as a "pro" so glad i bumped into this because its super hard these days to find headphones without mics.. d

  4. Jerry Attrick
    May 11, 2018 at 4:43 pm

    The Hd1 is modeled after the Momentum actually its part of the Momentum series and yes it does come with a cable. The sound quality improves with the cable but only if your using a high end amp would you actually notice the difference. The phone does not work through the headphones when using the cable. This is an incredibly comfortable pair of headphones for under 500 dollars. Worth every dollar. The quality on the build and sound makes you wonder why you bought those other over hype cans. I've gone back to listening to Jazz since now I can hear all the nuances of the music again. I've worn these on several long flights without any fatigue. I've traveled for more than 20 hours and they held up very well. There is no such thing as total noise cancelling but these are very good. The difference between these and Bose, the Sennheiser are mad of better materials and the sound is cleaner with more definition. The Bose are only mildly better for noise cancelling. I promise once you turn on music you will hear these are superior. Please but up your tray table and enjoy the sound.

  5. Ryan Conover
    May 8, 2018 at 12:53 pm

    Jaybird really didnt make the cut???

  6. Ryan Conover
    May 8, 2018 at 12:52 pm

    Jaybird really didnt make the cut???

  7. Alan Swanson
    May 7, 2018 at 8:32 pm

    Looking to cop a pair for under $40, check out Phasier. All their BHS series earbuds are legit. Above average sound quality, loads of extra tips and find for that perfect fit, sweat/waterproof, and I've been seeing about 8-9 hours of battery listening to music.

  8. Jesus
    May 7, 2018 at 6:32 pm

    The article is named "Best Wireless Earbuds..." Then you give everyone of them a con for not being wired?

    • Kannon Yamada
      May 8, 2018 at 4:20 am

      Some earbuds have alternate wired modes