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25 of the Best Vine Videos of All Time

Dan Price 02-11-2016

It’s official. Twitter has confirmed it’s killing off Vine Twitter Is Killing Vine, Letting Instagram Win Twitter is killing Vine, with the social media company shuttering the short-form video-sharing service for unknown reasons. Rest in Peace. Read More , its video sharing service.


The news is sad, but not entirely unexpected. The app hasn’t been given any new features or received a major update for many months, and it’s lagging way behind some of its social media competitors, such as YouTube and Facebook, in terms of functionality.

The formal shutoff date hasn’t yet been announced. Twitter has only suggested it will happen “in the coming months.” The app will go first, but the website will surely follow. And that means the archive of old Vine videos may be lost forever.

So, before all those awesome videos go the same way as VHS cassettes, MiniDisc, and MySpace Is Facebook Going The Same Way As MySpace? It happened with the massive community of AOL Online during the dialup days, it happened with Yahoo Search during the late 1990's. And history is more likely than not to repeat itself with Facebook. Why? Read More , we take the opportunity to look back at 25 of the best Vine videos of all time.

1. Musically-Gifted Dogs

Dogs playing music — a sure-fire winner in the Vine-verse. I hear Coldplay are on the lookout for a new drummer.


2. Runaway Trash

One Vine user managed to record the local authority practicing their new trash collection technique, then overlaid a classic pop song. Obviously.

3. Vine’s Very Own Leeroy

Do you remember the classic Leeroy Jenkins clip from World of Warcraft? This guy does his best to impersonate him.


4. Beautiful Music, Beautiful Visuals

Who said six seconds was too short? This talented musician does a fantastic job of highlighting how awe-inspiring the Vine format can be.

5. Idiot Politicians

Politicians are always good for a laugh. None more so than former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, who though it would be a good idea to eat a raw onion — skin and all — while out campaigning.


6. Counting Jay-Z’s Money

Accountant, check. Jay-Z soundtrack, check. Hilarity ensuing? Check.

7. Dog Walking Solutions

Dogs are great fun. But being forced to drag yourself outside on a cold, dark, winter’s evening to take them for a walk isn’t quite so appealing.

This woman found a simple solution.


8. An Unusual Alarm Clock

Parents, do you have a tough time getting your child out of bed in the mornings? Try this effective, if slightly brutal, technique.

9. Cat Fail

As a couple of these clips have already shown, some pets can be wonderfully talented if given proper training.

In the wild, however, they’re just idiots.

10. I Can Be Your Hero, Baby

A woman walking alone through a rough part of town. A scumbag thief. A knight in shining armor. Or not.

11. Social Commentary

It’s not all stupid cats and daft pranks. Some users made great Vines looking at the evolution of technology.

12. Language Lessons

It’s often said English is one of the hardest languages to learn for foreign students. After watching this quick geography clip, we can understand why.

Seriously, Arkansas?

13. Cool Graph, Bro

Nickelback’s gruff voice can be difficult to understand for first-time listeners. Vine tries to help with an insightful chart.

You tell us whether or not it worked.

14. The Greatest Moments of Cinema

Happy Gilmore is a cult classic — what’s not to love about an underdog flicking a finger to the golfing establishment?

And let’s be honest, who hasn’t tried to recreate that Gilmore drive at least once in their life?!

15. Quality Fan Insight

One for our British readers. Here’s an unhappy Arsenal fan giving his thoughts on Arsene Wenger’s team selection. Turns out the fan is also Damon Albarn in disguise. #Blur #Parklife.

16. The Perils of Reporting the News

One journalist got sent out to report on a local bird infestation with predictable results. Just make sure you keep your mouth closed.

17. Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore, tomato ketchup, and a skilled artist with too much time on their hands. The results are fabulous (and they taste great too).

18. Hot Dog Chef

Where does the name “hot dog” come from anyway? Just try and avoid eating the family pet!

19. Don’t Play With Your Food

It’s rude to play with your food at the dinner table (unless you’re seriously talented and a Vine video expert). Who knew asparagus could be so much fun?

20. Love Thy Neighbor

Love is a wonderful human emotion, there’s nothing to be afraid of.

Or is there?

21. Let’s Hold Hands

Holding hands with your partner while taking an evening stroll through the park is a lovely way to bond. Holding hands with a stranger on the subway, not so much.

22. Eat Dirt Paper

You know when you win a sports championship and accidentally get some confetti stuck in your mouth while celebrating? Yeah, that.

23. The Greatest Slam Dunk Ever

This one has been recreated countless times since it first hit our screens — but it’s the original and best. We could watch it all day long.

24. Copier Art

Who knew it was possible to make such great art with only a photocopier and your hand? (Though we shudder to think how much paper was wasted in the making of this clip!)

25. Gangsta Cat

And to finish, we’ll leave you with a ghetto cat. Because, well, cats.

Tell Us Your Favorites

So, there you have it: 25 of the best Vine clips ever created. At least in our opinion.

However, there’s a problem. Vine has about 40 million videos on its service created by some brilliant Vine users 10 Unique Vine Users You Should Totally Be Following If you're still getting into the groove of the new social app by Twitter, check out some users you simply have to follow. Read More . This equates to roughly 7.5 years of continuous video footage available to watch. That is until Twitter kills the Vine website too. With that in mind, it’s fair to say we probably missed some.

Help complete our collection by leaving your links to the most hilarious, thought-provoking, creative, or inspiring Vine videos in the comments section below. Vine may be dead, but we can at least send it off with a bang!

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