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The 5 Best Valentine’s Day Apps for a Romantic Date Night

Mihir Patkar Updated 07-02-2019

February 14 is coming up and you better have something romantic planned for your partner. But just in case you don’t, these free apps offer great date night ideas for Valentine’s Day.


There’s something for everyone here. You can turn your relationship into a quiz, assign tasks and rewards for your significant other, or test how right you are for each other. And as always, there’s some romantic music to go with it.

All these apps are for people who already have a special someone in their lives. If you’re single, we have you covered with free dating sites to help you find love.

1. 36 Questions in Love (Web): What Every Relationship Needs to Ask

36 questions to find out if you're in love

In a famous study, psychologists Arthur and Elaine Aron (yes, they’re a married couple) investigated what makes people fall head over heels for each other. They distilled their research to 36 questions for the couple, which you can discuss this Valentine’s Day.

The theory of the questions is that for an old couple, a new exercise like this can rekindle the kind of intense excitement you felt when you first fell in love. And for a new couple (or a pair on the verge of becoming one), the questions end up drawing you closer or proving you don’t belong together.


Either way, the 36 questions are an intimate activity for a romantic time. The questions get really personal and make you think about yourself and your partner. It takes about an hour or two to get through the list; every couple needs to go through them.

2. Happy Couple (Web, Android, iOS, Windows): Quiz Each Other, See if Answers Match

How in sync are you and your partner? To find out, try this cool app that sends you a short quiz daily. The more your answers match, the more points you earn to “level up” your relationship status.

Each day, the app asks five questions. Three are the same as your partner’s, and two are random. Pick from the multiple-choice answers, or add a custom note. Once both you and your partner have answered the same questions, you’ll see if you matched or not. If you didn’t, you can see the responses and comment on them.

It’s a fun little app and one of those cool Valentine’s Day games couples should play. Plus, even after V-Day, you’ll still get daily checks to discover more about each other. And that’s the best part of a relationship, isn’t it?

Download: Happy Couple for Android | iOS | Windows (Free, in-app purchases available)

3. Spark Now (Android, iOS): Tasks and Rewards for Couples

In any relationship, the question you hear most often is “Whose turn is it?” Spark Now puts a fun twist on doing activities for each other or together by attaching rewards.

Let’s say you want your significant other to plan date night for Valentine’s Day, or do a series of other tasks on that day. Launch Spark Now, set it as a task for them, and add a reward. The tasks can be in different categories (date night, cooking, cleaning, intimacy), set to repeat on schedule, and your partner will even get notifications for reminders.

Used creatively, Spark Now can make chores a bit more fun given that you get rewards. And don’t stick to chores alone…

Download: Spark Now for Android | iOS (Free)

4. Kindu (Android, iOS): Find Secret Desires Without Embarrassment

Kindu app

There are activities you might fantasize about doing with your partner but are too shy to bring up. Kindu is an embarrassment-free way to find out which of each other’s desires overlap and keep the rest secret.

Here’s how it works: both you and your partner install the app and add each other. Go through the free Starter Pack of Kindu cards that contains fantasies like cooking a romantic dinner or giving a sensuous massage. If you like, you can make a custom card of your own too. Obviously, a lot of the ideas are more adult in nature, which is why the secrecy is important.

For each Kindu idea card, tap love, hate, or maybe. If you and your partner’s taps match, you’ll both see it. If they don’t match, the idea card is kept secret and discarded. So even if you have a Princess Leia gold bikini fantasy, your partner won’t ever know if they’re not into it.

Download: Kindu for Android | iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)

5. YouTube’s Romantic Playlist (Web): 18 Most Popular Valentine’s Day Songs

valentines day billboard youtube

What’s a romantic evening without some mushy music in the background? Billboard has listed 18 songs on YouTube that surge in traffic on every Valentine’s Day. From the dulcet tones of Elton John to the Barry White’s inimitable deep vocals, it’s quite the playlist.

The good news is that you don’t need to go hunting on YouTube for these. We’ve got your back with a no-signup playlist on Cue YouTube. Fire it up in a desktop or mobile web browser and start playing.

Of course, it’s always more romantic to make your own playlist. And for that, we have a suggestion of love songs to stream on Valentine’s Day The 50 Best Love Songs to Stream on Valentine's Day Here are the best love songs to stream this Valentine's Day, plus an explanation of how to create your own Valentine's playlists. Read More .

Get in the Mood for Valentine’s Day

With these sites and apps, you’re guaranteed a romantic evening with your significant other. Whether it’s an endless steam of love songs or an app to find out each other’s hidden desires, you’ll have a great Valentine’s Day. And if you’re still looking for a little extra, try one of these video game-themed gifts for Valentine’s Day.

But don’t feel left out if you’re alone for the big day. You can enjoy some great movies on Valentine’s Day for singles 10 Films to Watch on Valentine's Day If You’re Single If you're single this Valentine's Day, why not grab yourself a glass of wine and watch some anti-romantic films on Netflix? Read More .

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