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The 7 Best Twitter Apps for Android

Shubham Agarwal 10-01-2019

Twitter wears a lot of different hats. It’s listed under the news section on the app store and yet it’s also home to the internet’s most popular memes. Therefore, it’s important to check out some of the best Twitter apps available.


Fortunately for you, there are a ton of different Twitter apps to choose from. Here are the best Twitter apps for Android.

Note: Third-party Twitter apps can be shut down randomly since Twitter has a limit for how many users they can host. While they’re likely to carry on working for users who have purchased them, the developer could stop actively updating them.

1. The Official Twitter App

Twitter’s own client for Android is your best bet for experiencing the latest features. While it does have a few reliability issues, the app has all the features you’d expect from the official app. This includes a night theme, blocking and muting options, the ability to live stream, and more. Plus, you can compose tweetstorms in a single post instead of connecting multiple of them.

The official Twitter app is also the first to be updated for supporting the newest Android features like notification channels.


Download: Twitter for Android (Free)

2. Twitter Lite

If you’re running out of storage or are using an underpowered smartphone, try Twitter’s lightweight alternative, Twitter Lite. You can install Twitter Lite both as a native app or a progressive web app (what are progressive web apps? What Are Progressive Web Apps and How Do I Install One? What are progressive web apps and how are they changing internet use? Learn about the advantages of PWAs and how to use them. Read More ). Both will only consume a couple of MBs on your phone and still let you use nearly every essential Twitter feature.

You will miss out on a few advanced tools like live-streaming. However, Twitter Lite comes with most features you will need regularly, including tweetstorms, night mode, polls, GIF search, notifications, and more.


Download: Twitter Lite (Free)

3. Fenix 2

Fenix is a third-party Twitter app that offers a handful of supplementary utilities that allow you to enjoy a more personalized Twitter experience. The app has options to tweak every aspect of the user interface, meaning you can customize the tabs, themes, and more.

In addition, you have the ability to configure gestures for quickly executing an action when you, for instance, long-press a tweet. Another nifty feature Fenix has is the undo function through which you can easily retract a sent tweet.


Download: Fenix 2 ($2.49)

4. Owly

Owly is one of the more intriguing apps on this list. Instead of simply offering oodles of personalization options, Owly takes a different approach. The app focuses on letting you stay up to date with trends and updates you’re interested in. You can build a Reading list so that Owly highlights tweets from those accounts on your feed and even select topics you’d like to follow.

What’s more, the app can send you a tweet digest at a scheduled time so that you can quickly catch up on your favorite accounts. You can also read tweets specifically from an area by setting up a location radius.

Owly has a couple of more handy features you won’t find on its competitors. This includes the ability to turn long tweets into images with a background of your choice. Apart from that, Owly has all the theming options you would need as well.


Download: Owly (Free, premium version available)

5. Talon

Talon is similar to Fenix but its primary highlight is its discovery tab. The section enables you to browse tweets based on a vast number of filters, such as local and nearby, and categories like food and music.

In addition, the app has all the standard features available on third-party Twitter clients, including themes and a highly customizable interface. There’s even a native YouTube player so you don’t have to leave the app to watch embedded videos. Speaking of which, you should also know how to save videos from Twitter.

Download: Talon ($2.99)

6. Storm It

While Twitter’s official client has gained the ability to publish threads, it’s not as conveniently implemented as it is in an app called Storm It.

Instead of asking you to press a button every time you’d like to add another tweet to a tweetstorm, Storm It features a giant textbox. There, you can type everything you are planning to post and the app will automatically divide the paragraph into a tweetstorm. You can then preview all of the tweets before Storm It pushes it to your timeline. Storm It is also compatible with multiple accounts, although you will have to pay for that feature.

Download: Storm It (Free, premium version available)

7. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is primarily a business tool which can be employed to schedule tweets for later. The app can even automatically plan your tweets based on your activity, or you can set a custom time for them to go out. In addition, Hootsuite can be used as a normal Twitter app for browsing feeds and attending to your mentions.

Being a business tool also means you can link a bunch of your other accounts like a Facebook page. Doing so will enable you to schedule the same post for multiple platforms with a click of a button. Plus, if you are using Hootsuite for business purposes or building a personal brand, you can also recruit the inbuilt calendar for organizing them.

Download: Hootsuite (Free, premium subscription available)

The Best Twitter Apps Help You Tweet Like a Pro

The majority of the third-party apps listed above are equipped with a number of features for using Twitter like a pro. By utilizing them you can customize precisely how your feed appears and search the tweet you’re looking for using elaborate filters.

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  1. Tim
    January 14, 2019 at 9:17 pm

    Not sure Falcon Pro is allowing new users either but IMO ( and I have tried MANY android Twitter apps) it is phenomenal. Plume would be my second choice.

  2. Glen
    January 10, 2019 at 8:28 pm

    I use Flamingo; I've tried them all and nothing comes close; very customizable and look/works great.

    • Shubham Agarwal
      January 11, 2019 at 3:21 am

      Yeah, it's great but Flamingo is no longer accepting new users.