The 15 Best Spotify Playlists for the Summer

Ben Stegner 16-07-2018

A good playlist can enhance any moment of your life. Whether you’re going wild at a party with friends, feeling awful over a breakup, or just trying to focus on work, listening to the right music can make all the difference.


You can always assemble or import your own playlists, but that takes time. If you use Spotify, why not jump into the thousands of ready-made playlists put together by Spotify and other users?

We have compiled a list of the best Spotify playlists to soundtrack your summer.

1. Summer Party

Perfect for: When you want to enjoy summer without any fuss.

We start with one of Spotify’s official playlists for summer. As you can guess by the name, it’s full of music perfect for any gathering. It’s a pop-heavy list, with the summer’s newest hits and some old favorites.


2. United States Top 50

Perfect for: Keeping up with what’s hot, or finding out what that song was you heard at the pool.

Here are the hits—this playlist collects the 50 most popular tracks in the United States right now. This is a great way to see what’s hot this summer, as long as you don’t mind pop and contemporary R&B.

Since it’s an official Spotify playlist, you’ll see blue dots next to new tracks and green/red arrows to show how a track’s popularity has recently changed. Spotify also has the top 50 playlists for other countries if you want to discover music from around the world 8 Ways to Discover Popular Music Around the World While it's easy to know what music is popular in your own country, what if you want to discover what's popular in other countries around the world? Read More , too.


3. New Music Friday

Perfect for: Catching up on the latest tracks right away.

Do you feel like you need to find more music on Spotify How to Find More Music You'll Love on Spotify Finding new music to listen to can be a challenge, but Spotify is on hand to help. Here are some easy ways to discover more music you'll love using Spotify. Read More ? A good cure for that is this playlist of the week’s best music. It’s updated every Friday to bring you a fresh batch of tunes. If you don’t like the music here, check out your personal Release Radar playlist, which contains music just for you.

4. Summer Acoustic


Perfect for: Lazing around on summer nights or falling asleep on the beach.

While summer lends itself well to beats, it has its quiet moments too. When you need to chill out a bit, give this playlist a try. It has plenty of calm music for those introspective summer moments.

5. Poolside Disco

Perfect for: Dancing into the night.


This playlist is bursting with funky vibes. Mixing some soul in with disco and funk, Poolside Disco brings the energy to any gathering. It would make great background music to a high-energy party, but we won’t tell anyone if you decide to dance like a madman either.

6. Driving Rock Anthems

Perfect for: Cruising along the highway with the top down.

Whether you’re taking the convertible out for a spin or on the way to vacation, you need some driving music. This playlist packs classic rock favorites from Toto, Queen, Tom Petty, and more than you can’t help but sing along with.

7. Summer Throwbacks

Perfect for: Reminiscing of days gone past, or singing along to old favorites with friends.

Want to flash back to the music that made summers gone by so special? Give this playlist a try. Music has a way of transporting you back to the past in a moment, and this is the perfect way to recall your favorite moments from last year or last decade.

8. Synthwave / Retro Electro

Perfect for: Providing the soundtrack to your gaming sessions or driving through the night.

This is a genre you might not be familiar with, but it’s perfect for summer. Synthwave is a modern electronic music genre that’s “the musical manifestation of a vintage postcard that says ‘Come to L.A.’ in pink letters above an image of a crowded beach with people on surfboards and roller skates,” according to Synthwave review website Iron Skullet.

It’s the perfect musical genre for gamers 7 Music Genres All Gamers Should Love Are you looking for new music and stuck for ideas? Ever thought of video game music? Here are seven genres you should recognize from your favorite games. Read More , but others might like it too. Check it out if you love the ’80s or electronic music.

9. Pop Punk Perfection

Perfect for: Long days spent at the pool, or when you’re feeling a little rebellious.

Pop punk is a perfect genre for summer. There’s something about the power chords of these ’90s and ’00s songs that screams long summer days off from school, being nervous around girls, and jumping into the pool. It’s not the most technically amazing music, but it’s certainly catchy.

10. Country Gold

Perfect for: Long drives to nowhere in particular, or cookouts.

If you love country, then integrate it into your summer with these smash hits. It makes perfect music for enjoying your favorite summer foods, or just relaxing with friends.

11. Beach Music

Perfect for: Basking in the glorious sun as you listen to the ocean.

Headed to the beach this summer? Make sure to take this playlist along. Whether you’re playing volleyball or just soaking up the sun, these tunes are a perfect fit.

12. Timeless Love Songs

Perfect for: Spending time with your sweetheart.

If love is in the air for you this summer, this playlist can provide the perfect soundtrack. Valentine’s Day may be behind us The 50 Best Love Songs to Stream on Valentine's Day Here are the best love songs to stream this Valentine's Day, plus an explanation of how to create your own Valentine's playlists. Read More , but that’s no reason to ignore love. Whether you’re kindling a new relationship or celebrating decades with your beloved, these songs should bring out the romantic in you.

13. Pop 4 Kids

Perfect for: Enjoying some time with your kids.

Finding yourself with bored children this summer? Take advantage of the extra time you have while they’re off school with this playlist. It features lots of kid-friendly pop songs that you can have a blast singing along with.

14. Dinner With Friends

Perfect for: Hosting a dinner party, or when you need some easy background music.

This laid-back playlist can set the mood for having friends over this summer. It makes for good background music as you get through other days, too.

15. Have a Great Day!

Perfect for: An instant good mood, or keeping the energy while you tackle summer chores.

Summer is a happy time. If you’re not feeling it, try this playlist for a quick boost. It’s not specifically summer-themed, but should get you smiling again on those less-than-amazing summer days.

The Best Spotify Playlists for Summer

These playlists are a great starting place for your summer soundtrack. They’re just a few of the thousands of playlists available on Spotify, so if you prefer another genre you’re sure to find one you like. Whatever you choose to listen to this summer, enjoy it!

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