The Best Sites for Motherhood Humor You Should Visit Now

Sandy Writtenhouse 08-05-2017

There is no doubt that being a mom is a tough job. When you are pregnant 10 Baby Websites To Help Expecting Parents Read More , you have physical challenges. After you give birth, well, you have a few more. But, the hard part does not stop there, right? Then it is time to raise that little one and hope you do it well.


As a mother myself, one thing I have learned along the way is that sometimes you just have to laugh. If you are like me, a mom with a sense of humor who needs a good chuckle about motherhood once in a while, then check out these hilarious websites and blogs.

1. Mother Humor

For funny cartoons that hit home to comical photos you need to see to believe, Mother Humor is perfect for a quick laugh at motherhood. Even though it appears that the site has not been updated in a while, that does not take away from the smile it will put on your face today.

mother humor

You can select from Baby Humor, Toddler Humor, or Pop Culture from the top navigation. Or scroll down for photos and videos. From potty training disasters to the silliest things parents tell their kids, you are in for a treat when you visit Mother Humor.

2. One Funny Mother and Dena Blizzard

The One Funny Mother website is a small extension of the live, hit show of the same name. The show stars comedian Dena Blizzard and the site gives you a few of her outtakes.


one funny mother

In addition, you can veer off using the top navigation to Dena Blizzard’s website for additional videos or pop over to the One Funny Mother YouTube channel. Plus, you can read up on the hilarious creation of Chardonnay Go. This silly take on the popular Pokémon Go game spawned from a simple viral video in 2016.

dena blizzard

If you are interested in a funny game for moms who love wine, appreciate the comedy of Dena Blizzard, or are just curious about what this entertaining and comical mom has to share, start your journey on One Funny Mother.


3. Bleeping Motherhood

For an amusing mommy blog, head over to Bleeping Motherhood. You can read some witty articles, sign up for their newsletter by email, and grab yourself the humorous How to Survive Motherhood Like a Bleeping Queen guide for even more laughs.

bleeping motherhood

4. Mommy Shorts

Mommy Shorts is a terrific website for checking out stories, photos, videos, and a scrapbook of funnies. The site was created by Ilana Wiles, author of The Mommy Shorts Guide to Remarkably Average Parenting and includes a ton of entertaining content.

mommy shorts


Mommy Shorts covers everything from pregnancy to parenthood to work life, all in an amusing light. If you want a site you can visit for new content on a regular basis, that includes helpful tips, and that pokes fun at motherhood, Mommy Shorts is it.

5. No Domestic Diva

Another great blog from a mom who knows is No Domestic Diva. Have a giggle at the Mom Shaming photos, share some mommy memes you can relate to, or just browse the latest posts. As a contributing author of I Just Want to Pee Alone, Susan McLean tells it how it is and you will be glad you visited the site.

no domestic diva

6. Dude Mom

If you are the mom of a boy, or three, you will appreciate Dude Mom. This humor and lifestyle blog will do more than just make you laugh. You can check out lifestyle tips for cooking, fashion, and more. Then, pop open the Mom’d section from the navigation and enjoy the articles about being a mom. The posts are written with a casual flair that will make you love Dude Mom’s sense of humor.


dude mom

7. MomCave on YouTube

If videos are more your style, then check out the MomCave channel on YouTube. With the tagline, “A network of snarky comedies for moms,” each video clip gives you a comical look at motherhood and home life.

Get ideas from the Slacker Mom who is just too tired to care, the Slummy Mummy who just wants to poop alone, and more real moms with real stories. From breastfeeding to intimacy to housekeeping, you will certainly find a video that gives you a good belly laugh.

8. Kids in The House on YouTube

Kids in The House is a parenting resource website with a hilarious selection of parenting videos on YouTube. What makes this one stand out is that they offer parenting tips with a comical spin that is really entertaining.

Videos range from an overprotective mother to a mom who loses it. Plus, you can giggle at some dad clips as well. If you enjoy the YouTube playlist, head over to the Kids In The House website for parenting tips and advice 11 Sites for Parenting Tips and Advice When You Need It New parents need all the help they can get. These 11 websites have all the parenting tips and advice you need. Read More .

9. Pinterest

Maybe you like visuals but prefer images over videos? Pinterest offers some of the best, funniest, photos and images on the web for moms. You can pop keywords into the search box or click these direct links for the tags Mom Funny and Motherhood Funny.

pinterest mom funny

Check out amusing text-based images like “Momster (n): what happens to a mom after she counts to 3…” and “My hairstyle is called, I have kids.” Or have a giggle at photos of celebrities, animals, and cartoon characters as they relate to motherhood, housework, and parenting.

pinterest mom funny dog

More Cool Sites for Gals

Aside from being moms, we are also women regardless if our hair is styled, make up is on, or clothes are wrinkle-free. If you are interested in even more funny websites, these are worth a look:

where the heart is

Being a Mom

Motherhood is a wonderful thing, it truly is, and probably one of the hardest yet best jobs you can ever have. That is why there are times you need to laugh so that you don’t cry. And, there are other times you just need to laugh. Hopefully these websites will help you do just that.

For something fun and different, why don’t you share a funny mom story with us? No matter how old your child is, you are sure to have a memorable story that puts a smile on your face 4 Funny Ways to Prank Your Parents With the Family Computer Read More .

Post it in the comments below and let’s have a laugh together!

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