The 20 Best Shopify Stores to Try Instead of Amazon or eBay

Dan Price 03-07-2018

When you think of online shopping, you probably think of Amazon. With revenues of almost 200 billion per year, no other online store comes close in terms of either size or variety of products.


However, biggest doesn’t always mean best. Perhaps you could consider buying your wares from a Shopify store instead! But with so many of them out there, it can be hard to decide where to shop. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best Shopify stores for you.

What Is Shopify?

Shopify is an e-commerce platform. It allows anyone to create an online store and sell their products. Shopify lets users customize their storefronts, process credit card payments, manage orders, and more.

As a consumer, it’s perhaps sensible to think of Shopify stores as the “Mom-And-Pop” outlets of the 21st Century, whereas Amazon is more akin to a big box store that sells everything.

How Does Shopify Work?

The Shopify platform has a few key features that make it stand out as an excellent choice for anyone who wants to run an online store.

They include more than 100 free templates, a template store, and an app store with more than 1,200 listings. In some ways, it’s similar to WordPress, but for commerce rather than blogging.


Shopify is free at the point of sale. It makes money by charging vendors a transaction fee if they aren’t using the proprietary Shopify Payment service.

With the basics explained, let’s look at the 20 best online Shopify stores currently out there.

1. Pipcorn

best shopify stores to shop at

We’ll kick off the list with a sure-fire winner—a popcorn store. After all, who doesn’t love the taste of freshly popped kernels?


Best of all, Pipcorn’s products are healthy. Well, as healthy as popcorn can be. Its products are non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free, and whole grain.

2. Chaos

best shopify stores to shop at

Everyone (who doesn’t fancy fixing a broken screen every few months) should use a case for their iPhone The 5 Toughest iPhone Cases Money Can Buy Apple’s latest iPhone is surprisingly robust given its light weight but it’s only designed to survive minor drops in a friendly environment. Serious falls, dirt and water aren’t a factor, and that’s a problem if... Read More . But cases are all a bit “samey”, aren’t they?

Step forward Chaos. You can customize a case to match your personality. You can even create matching luggage tags, passport holders, and teddy tags.


3. Tattly

best shopify stores to shop at

Tattoos become more popular with every passing day Before You Get a Tattoo, Check These 5 Sites and Apps Thinking about getting a tattoo? Get answers to most of your concerns with these five tattoo design sites and app. Read More . Ergo, the number of people who regret getting tattoos is also on the rise.

Tattly wants to help cut back on the remorse by selling temporary tattoos from professional artists. And if you order at least 200, the company will print your own design. They’d be great fun at a wedding or large event.

4. National Portrait Gallery

best shopify stores to shop at


Shopify doesn’t only power quirky stores. It’s also the engine behind some well-established brands.

One example is the National Portrait Gallery in the U.K. Its shop sells prints, books, accessories, and other merchandise from the largest portrait museum in the world.

5. Pop Chart Lab

best shopify stores to shop at

Pop Chart Lab sells charts and graphics for almost anything you can think of.

Want a chart of the galaxy? Done. Fancy hanging a seating plan of your favorite team’s stadium on your wall? Pop Chart Lab will have it. Are you a grammar pedant? Grab a display of common issues in English language usage. The list goes on and on…

6. BioLite

best shopify stores to shop at

Here’s one for outdoorsy people. BioLite aims to change the way campers, hikers, and backpackers power their off-the-grid lives.

The shop offers a range of eco-friendly products. For example, you can buy a biomass stove that uses thermoelectric power to both cook your food and charge your phone.

Best of all, every purchase helps power an off-the-grid home in India or Africa.

7. Kutoa [No Longer Available]

best shopify stores to shop at

Kutoa is another store with sustainability at the heart of its ethos. It sells health bars, but for every bar you buy, the company will provide food to a child in need.

All the company’s bars are gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO, free of added sugar, and free of preservatives.

8. Death Wish Coffee

best shopify stores to shop at

With a name like that you know you’re in line for something different, and Death Wish Coffee definitely delivers.

It claims to be the world’s strongest coffee. We don’t know whether the claims are true, but we do know the two blends the company offers use the finest beans from across Honduras, Guatemala, Sumatra, Peru, and India.

You’ll be enjoying a better cup of coffee 8 Excellent Websites for an Improved Cup of Coffee Coffee is loved all over the world, but some coffee tastes better than others. Want a tastier dose of caffeine? Here are some sites that'll help you get started. Read More in no time.

9. Skinny Teatox

best shopify stores to shop at

Sticking with the theme of hot beverages, here’s one of the tea lovers. Skinny Teatox is a natural detox tea program. The company hits all the right buzzwords, saying it promotes weight loss and good health.

It offers a 7-, 14-, and 28-day program. Each of them revolves around two natural tea blends. Again, we can’t verify the claims, but it’s got to be better than drinking a cola.

10. Canada Icons

best shopify stores to shop at

Canada Icons sells a selection of traditional Canada garments. And we mean traditional. You can pick up a 1975 Walter Walker canoe for $22,000, a pair of Saulteaux snowshoes from 1890 for $1,495, or Annie McKay mukluks for $799.

There’s even a piece of Emily Carr art available for a cool $440,000.

11. Studio Neat

best shopify stores to shop at

Studio Neat sells a real mixed bag of products.

For example, you can pick up a wooden holder for your Apple TV remote or a wide-grip stylus for touchscreen devices, but you can also buy a kit for making homemade syrup or creating clear ice.

And these aren’t cheap gimmicks; all the products ooze class.

12. Goodwin and Goodwin

best shopify stores to shop at

Goodwin and Goodwin is a custom sign store. They can make signs for shops, weddings, or even sandwich boards for cafes.

Every single sign is hand-crafted by the shop’s owners.

13. Eye Heart World

best shopify stores to shop at

The products in Eye Heart World’s store aren’t immediately eye-catching. There’s a relatively small selection of handbags, bracelets, wallets, and backpacks. So, what’s so special?

Well, the company behind the store is dedicated to fighting human trafficking and sex trafficking in the United States.

Did you know all 50 U.S. states have reported cases of sex trafficking and the national hotline receives more than 100 calls per day? Indeed, the average age of entry into forced prostitution in the country is just 12 years old.

14. Beardbrand

best shopify stores to shop at

Keeping your beard looking perky is no mean feat. It takes hours of effort to look more like Tom Hardy and less like Gandalf.

Beardbrand could be the answer. It stocks a plentiful supply of shampoos, oils, softeners, balms, brushes, and more.

15. Cookbook Village

best shopify stores to shop at

Cookbook Village started life as a store on eBay before making the jump to Shopify’s platform.

Yes, it sells cookbooks. And while you can find some fairly typical cookbook titles, you can also find vintage and collectible releases to satisfy the rustic chef in you.

16. Burst

best shopify stores to shop at

It’s not easy to find free, high-quality images 7 Great Ways to Find Free Images Online For more day to day mundane uses, we need free images for decorate a blog post, seek inspiration, set a wallpaper, make a collage, or just finish the school homework. This post thus takes a... Read More that you can use in a commercial environment. That’s why Shopify launched Burst.

It’s an in-house project that offers thousands of stock images. All the content is available under the Creative Commons license.

17. Gallery Drinkware

best shopify stores to shop at

Gallery Drinkware is taking a crusade against the overuse of plastic bottles by offering premium glass bottles.

Each of the bottles features work by a famous artist. At the time of writing, WylAnd Guy Harvey, Drew Brophy, and Vincent Van Gogh are the four artists on show. All the designs have a nature-based theme.

18. Zee Dog

best shopify stores to shop at

There’s no point in being the most stylish person in town if your dog looks like Scooby Doo.

Zee Dog sells fashionable leashes, collars, and other canine accessories. Best of all, five percent of all sales—as well as profits the company makes from other partnerships—go towards helping NGOs that work with homeless pets.

19. La La Land

best shopify stores to shop at

La La Land stocks a vast number of kitsch products. You can pick up everything from pencils and pins to greetings cards and wall decorations.

All the products retain a fresh, youthful vibe.

20. Modern Market

best shopify stores to shop at

We’ll end with Modern Market. It’s aimed at photographers. You can buy a range of products, including online lessons, page templates, and even awesome Lightroom and Photoshop presets 1500+ Free Lightroom Presets for Any Occasion What are Adobe Lightroom presets? Here's what they are, how to use them, and where to get the best free Lightroom presets. Read More .

The site also offers featured collections of photographers’ work; hopefully, the collections can help to inspire your next project.

Don’t Forget to Check Out Some Other Stores

Shopify might be quickly emerging as the number one e-commerce platform, but that doesn’t mean you should disregard stores from other online companies.

AmazonBasics and eBay both offer great deals AmazonBasics vs. eBay: Where to Shop for the Best Deals Between Amazon and eBay, which do you prefer? There's more to "finding the best deal" than savings alone, especially with the advent of AmazonBasics. Let's compare both and see which is better. Read More , and plenty of shops offer free international shipping 20 Online Shopping Sites With Free International Shipping Plenty of online shopping sites offer free international shipping. Which can save you a fortune when shopping online. Read More . Take your pick today. You just might come back to one of these Shopify stores for some unique stuff.

Affiliate Disclosure: By buying the products we recommend, you help keep the site alive. Read more.

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